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Default Re: Individual RP;; Eeveedude

You better take advantage of Rhyhorn’s confusion. It won’t be long until he snaps out,” Ash warned.

Lance watched with glee as the mighty Rhyhorn rampaged around in a large circle. It’s speed was increasing at each moment.“Great job Lulu!”

During Rhyhorn’s lap around the circle, an audible clunk could be heard in the same spot on the circle. Lance focused on the ground near the “clunk” zone and noticed a large boulder that had been buried in the ground. The slanted boulder was more than likely left by a volcano long ago. Now, it had risen to the surface of the ground and Lance would use it to his advantage.

Alright Lulu, here we go! I need you to use Ancient Power on that boulder in the ground, raise it above the ground and position it like a ramp. This way, when Rhyhorn runs on top of it, he goes flying into the air. Then you’re going to use an Air Slash attack on its underside to send it higher into the air.

The angelic Pokémon again closed her eyes and focused all her energy on the solid mass of rock. Rhyhorn had just passed over it and now was Lulu’s perfect opportunity. All of the sudden the ground lightly shook and the enormous rock rose out of the ground. As it rose, the ramp was becoming larger and larger and the boulder became quite visible. The sharp incline of the Lance's rock ramp rose to approximately fifteen feet by the time Rhyhorn has just about reached it.

Alright that’s good Lulu! Now fly and position yourself, back against the side of the ramp. When you see Rhyhorn, blast him with your Air Slash, and then use ExtremeSpeed to get out of the way!” Lance was very impressed with his strategy, and was excited to see how things panned out. One more idea popped into his head, “Lulu, while he’s in the air, use Ancient Power again to loosen the dirt, and break up the soil under Rhyhorn. It’ll form a sand trap and hopefully Rhyhorn will get stuck in it.
OOC// I tried to kinda have a bit more strategy. =P Btw... what's OOC mean. oO
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