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Default Re: Individual RP;; Kirethidae

The two resilient foes stared down at each other, both in a strength-recognising standstill. Both of them knew their enemy was a worthy opponent, and both were still eager for the fight, despite their sustained injuries and tiredness.
The Absol looked considerably weaker than the Dragonite though; she definitely looked like she was losing the battle. Looks can be deceptive, however, and Kirethidae didn't want to underestimate the snow white creature's fighting spirit. After taking alot of damage from Sindrayala's brute punches and unluckily being paralysed during the assault, Absol didn't look like she had much of a chance against Sindrayala anymore.
Sindrayala had proven her worth in many furious battles against many powerful opponents though, and still managed to come out on top. Whilst this Absol was very strong, there was no doubt about that, in her current condition, it seemed that Sindrayala had started to prevail.

Regardless, Kirethidae didn't see the battle going on for much longer. One of them was bound to make a mistake somewhere soon along the line in exhaustion. That one would be Absol, Kirethidae said to himself resolutely.

Looking up at the panting, worked-up form of the mighty Sindrayala, Kirethidae decided what he should do next.
The Absol glared down at Sindrayala and looked like she was waiting for the dragon's move first, too weary to create her own opening.
It was then that Kirethidae thought that the battle should be even shorter, and decided that now was a good chance to go for the capture.

Flicking out a Park Ball as he opened his mouth, Kirethidae started to tell Sindrayala what he wished her to do; a move which he thought very risky and yet very powerful.
"Ok, Sindrayala, let's end this now. Get ready, because I want you to unleash your full power in one dangerous move. Sindrayala, speed towards Absol as fast as possible with Agility, taking her with a storm and getting there fast enough to release your Outrage on her before she has a chance to act. Then, when you've finished that, jump back and fire a great Hyper Beam upon your foe. Don't kill the Absol though, Sindrayala. Don't."

The Dragonite roared in approval. She liked using her most powerful attacks, and this was a straightforward show of absolute power. Lifting off her feet, Sindrayala prepared to charge at the Absol yet again. Flying with great haste towards the Absol, Sindrayala's body startled to crackle with a corona of dark blue and blood red energy, signs of the coming Outrage. Nearing towards the foe, Sindrayala roared and started to pull back her fists, getting ready to smack into the Absol as soon as she got in range. When she did, she lashed out and struck the Absol with all her power before proceeding to pummel the cat-like, scythe-tailed Pokémon in an incredible rampage.

All the while, Kirethidae let the Park Ball go flying to above the two fighting creatures, letting it hover there with his psychic powers, ready to throw it at the Absol after Sindrayala's Hyper Beam...

OOC: I was wondering if you could just RP the actual throwing of the ball, seeing as I can't really say the outcome of the attacks, and thus can't RP Kirethidae throwing the ball at Absol after the outcome of them? Thanks. xP

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