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Default Re: Individual RP;; Eeveedude

"I wonder how that Rhyhorn got a hold of a TM?" thought Lance.

He couldn't dwell on the oddity however. Lance had to think quick if he was going to make it through this strange array of attacks. Suddenly, Lance remembered Lulu's Hidden Power type, Steel. He then recalled something he had learned in a Science class. Steel conducts electricity!

Lance called out, "Lulu! Fire a Hidden Power attack at Rhyhorn's Rock Blast attack!"

I large white ball made of what looked like clouds appeared in front of Lulu's face. It grew quickly and when it was fairly large, the ball flashed brightly. When the flash subsided, a ball made of steel had taken the clouds place.

"Now!" commanded Lance.

Lulu fired the iron mass at the oncoming rocks.

Lance imagined the sight of the Steel type Hidden Power smashing through the rocks, while conducting the Electricity from the Shock Wave attack. Lance was hoping that the Rhyhorn would not move so that the Electro-magnet would smash into Rhyhorn, bringing its health low enough for him to finally capture the Rock Rhinoceros.
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