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Default Re: George W. Bush: What do you think?

Originally Posted by Crimson Spider
I don't see why he couldn't.
That's not always how I see it happen. I can understand him just fine.
Define Genius for me, please.
According to you, a genius is a person with higher than normal, or signifcantly higher than normal, intelligence.

If I recall a few documentaries, Kennedy was liked because he appealed to the public, not because he was a great leader. Once again, I find the judgement on such things as handwriting, speach, and appearance to be inane. It's like taking the worst points of a person, and judging them on that. I addressed this before: not every single person can formulate the right words on the spot without any grammatical errors. What you are talking of is how many people follow him, and not how good of a president he is.
Okay. But it still does not prove that Bush is a great president that everyone should love.

I comparing the general nature and properites of the situation, not what the situation is. This is called an "example". I don't know if your realize this or not, but my sister has the exact same problem. Graduated with high honors (4.1 GPA), doing very well in college. Can't speak worth a crap, but she can make very good decisions.
Notice that her decisions only affect her.

One, you are not determining something that would affect others. Two, you can change what you chose. Three, you do not have a heavy burden of more than one person and an outcome on your shoulders.
Obviously I'm saying something situational and I am only comparing the weight of each decision. somethign that you wear on one day doesn't have a large impact on your life. The university has a large impact on your life, even a single year left out can have a tremendous impact on your life. I'm comparing the weight they carry and not what you were thinking.

That's the thing. You see, the great gifted people who aren't well spoken generally aren't recognized as being great or gifted by the plebian around them, but that does not change the fact that they are gifted.
Generally the idiots of a particular area can be easily identified. This does not change the fact taht they are idiots.

Something I'm gonna address right now: when I give an example, I am talking of the nature and properties of the situation, and not what the exact situation itself is. It piques me to no end when people do what you just did: miss the point completely and go off on something I only sparsely mentioned, skipping around the idea of what I've said. Do me a favor and don't do this again.
I think it's just an interpretation thing here. Again, I was using the nature and properites of situations, whereas you defined them as exacts.

Thus, you cannot claim that these horrible speaches are his, and you cannot hold him accountable. Him being unable to right a good speach is assumption. Presidents have speach writers because they are better at writing speaches most of the time, and the Presidents generally don't have the time to write speaches. Though they do come up with answers to questions that they are asked on their own. And to my knowlegde, he just can't speak well, period.
We can agree on something to the very least. He can't speak well.

[/quote] Um... genii? Yeah... going on, how are you so sure that the genious isn't ignorant to politics? That might be the field he specializes in.[/quote]

Because I am a long-time friend of this friend. I think I would know his personalities after spending so much time with this person.

[/quote] It's a lot more complicated than that. You see, each time the president doesn't say yes to a bill, it goes back to the House of Represenatives, and then they vote on it again. Most of the time, they vote against it, instead of for it like they had previously. Quiz of the day: why?

Answer: the president is very influencial. There is something (believe it's called group polarization) of which when someone comes up with an idea, the larger the group is, the more it begans to sound like a good idea. Over time, it sounds better and better. Bay of Pigs is a perfect example. Now, you see, the idiot who proposes the nuking of everything would have a great positive influence towards the House of Represenatives. Though something that radical wouldn't be passed, other things that he proposes that would be rather stupid WOULD get passed, simply because it was him who said it (ever see trend-setters at schools? Most the time, they aren't the ones who thought of it).

But what about the timid genius? Well, he would still have quite an influence. I often times hear "Gee! I never thought of that!" said to me by people who don't even like me. When the genius sees a bill, and says no, the intelligence from him gets passed down to the many right below him. Since the one is smarter than the many, the smartest one possible would be the best choice. Group polarization doesn't always have to be negative.[/quote]

So you're saying the smartest one always wins? Not always the case. The senate of the Canadian system are some of the smartest people around. Even they cannot stop the Prime Minister (Martin, who is a complete ******* for the Quebec thing) from doing what he's done. It would then be the same with the American President.

And not all group polarizations are negative, just a majority of them.

He can speak. Just not to the perfection of someone who doesn't like him. "Only apes would eat those sour grapes".
According to his school record, he's quite smart. Sure, he may not know the exact organels in the optic nerves of a termite, from his speaches and his actions, he has a 3-dimensional thinking (the situation, what to do, what could happen, what will happen) that treats the problem, and not the side-effect. Finding these thinkers isn't always the easiest thing to do. In the Purloined letter, Dupin talks of a child in a school who had a crap-load of marbles due to a guessing game they played. That child thought 3-dimensionally.
And being smart in school has nothing to do with being the great president he supposedly is. You can still be smart and be a complete idiot.

Ever heard of Durians? They are spiny, an ugly green, and smell like a dead frog. One of the best tasting fruits out there, but no one ever eats it.
They are considered as a delicacy with my people. They sell for such a ridiculously high price that it's hard to find it cheap enough to buy. btw, They smell nothing like a dead frog, more like the scent of...something really sweet (like it smells REALLY good). Thus the name of Durian means literally "To remember" (sorry about the incredibly rough translation). I mean, if I open a durian here, people would swarm here and take the freakin' thing before I can say "smells good". And just saying that if you don't believe me, they have chambers inside that cover yellow meat. Each piece of the yellow meat has a seed wihin, which tends to be brown. Opening the darn thing is so hard tho...

Mere assumption and opinion. Back your statements.
As you are assuming he is a great president, I am merely making the same assumption that he is oblivious.

I can still argue taht his weakness in speaking to the public as one of the reason. Since you agree with me here, I can safely assum that he is quite oblivious to he obvious weakness here.

"Beauty is only skin deep". Ever heard this? Prime example right here. Al Gore LOOKED like a better president, whith his fake-looking smile and all. The opposition tells you what you want to hear. But the statements you say are very similar to the statements that racists make. I've known some pretty nice kids who wear Mohawks.
Yes I have heard of that phrase, because I use it a lot. Do not stereotype me with the rascists, because that has nothing to do with anything that I said. You saying that means I can say that you're racist against Al Gore. Same idea.

Also, back everything you said about Gore up, consdiering taht it is all merely assumptions and opinions taht you are making here.
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