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Default Re: URPG National Park Main RP

OoC: you forgot to change my Jynx's HP when you put my total team xP Also, how come Drifloon did so much damage? Did all 3 gust attacks hit my Jynx? Because you know, 2 of them were fakes ._. And I'm not sure if the Double team still exists or not... I'll act as if the copies are still there, since you only said that the shadows were blown away.

Trainer Brisbane
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"Oh..." I said rather sidetracked as I kept an eye on the battle and one on the new guy. "You guys gotta tell me how you manage to disappear so fast," I said as I shook his hand. "I'm Brisbane, by the way."

I then fully focused on the battle going on in front of me. Drifloon seemed pretty weak, but... I dunno, I wasn't fully sure about what to do. Tossing a Pokeball now would probably have good chances to work, but what if it fell down and I lost it? I'm no cheapskate, but I'd rather be cost-effective than not.

It hit me I could try to put the balloon to sleep.. Dunno if she'd fall for the same trick twice, but it was worth trying.

It was such a shame the Shadow Ring had been blown away, but no point in making another- it'd only make it troublesome for me to then catch 'Floon. I only wished the Double team and the Sweet Scent would keep the ghost Pokemon busy enough for the song to sink in.

"Sing, my pretty!" I called. And, reinforcing the effect, I took out my flute again and picked up a tune, accompanying my sweet friend in her quiet lullaby.

Jynx closed her eyes, focusing deeply on the melody, continuing it with her beautiful voice. A deep, clear song filled the area, sinking deeply in my heart- I always was moved when she sang, it was... pretty is well, a very big euphemism. I just can never find the words.

Waiting for the effect, while still playing, I kept playing, mentally locating the empty Hyper ball I'd be throwing next.
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