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Default Holy cow, you interupted my plans again!

Title: Fatal Fury/Garou Densetsu
Artist: ---
Platform: Various (NeoGeo MVS)
Link to download: ---
Favorite Song: Geese Howard theme

Fitting-in: Being in the era of Street Fighter II knockoffs (This game was released the same time as SF II, if not before), there were a lot of goofy themes in their BGMs. This one is no exception, though Raiden's, Billy's and Geese's themes fit in well. (Raiden's stage is at a carnival. :< ) 6/10

Originality: Around this time, hardly anything sounded extremely original, except for Geese's now legendary theme. 5/10

Diversity: Wat 4/10

Nostalgia Value: Being the first in the Fatal Fury series, and not quite a good game, there's hardly anything nostalgic, of course the exception is Geese's theme. 4/10

Overall: 4.75/10.

Closing comments: This would be the start of a memorable series and story.
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