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Default Re: Ataro's Reffing Log

Forum Free For All
81 Pokemon
No Helds
Normal Terrain
Normal Weather
No Sleep Moves (Barring Rest)
Hit All Hit One
No Perish Song
No Evasion/Accuracy-lowering Moves
Intimidate is Negated
Failure to Send a Move in Time Results in 50% Health Loss
KO a Pokemon to be restored to full health

If you didn't send a move at all, you will receive $1000 only. Noted by DQ in brackets. (Use CTRL+F to find your name and mon)

(DQ) Tyger Crysis with D Starmie ends 81th, and gets $1000.
Jack of Clovers with Roserade ends 80th, and gets $1000.
Lunar Lime with Poliwag ends 79th, and gets $1000.
Rosie with Electrode ends 78th, and gets $1500.
Lord Khajmer with B Snorlax ends 77th, and gets $2000.
(DQ) AmericanTreeFrog with A Gliscor ends 76th, and gets $1000.
(DQ) luke39 with B Poliwrath ends 75th, and gets $1000.
(DQ) dragonshine with Swablu ends 74th, and gets $1000.
(DQ) Reign-of-Dreams with Slowking ends 73th, and gets $1000.
(DQ) QuestionablyRoyal with Lileep ends 72th, and gets $1000.
HKim with B Starmie ends 71th, and gets $5000.
ManISockor with Aron ends 70th, and gets $5500.
F.D. with Gyarados ends 69th, and gets $6000.
Volcanflame with B Espeon ends 68th, and gets $6500.
NaliaC with Golem ends 67th, and gets $7000.
BlueJello with Ditto ends 66th, and gets $7500.
RocketMeowth with Aerodactyl ends 65th, and gets $8000.
-PK with A Metagross ends 64th, and gets $8500.
Elecii with Arcanine ends 63th, and gets $9000.
iReign with A Snorlax ends 62th, and gets $9500.
-Pichu Boy- with A Kingdra ends 61th, and gets $10000.
The pokemaster with Poochyena ends 60th, and gets $10500.
Silver Espeon Esper with A Sceptile ends 59th, and gets $11000.
Tranquil Leafeon with Leafeon ends 58th, and gets $11500.
All Hope Is Gone with A Tyranitar ends 57th, and gets $12000.
sammy0295 with Charmeleon ends 56th, and gets $12500.
ragnarok0422 with Alakazam ends 55th, and gets $13000.
Near with Salamence ends 54th, and gets $13500.
Pokémon Partner with Combusken ends 53th, and gets $14000.
Gamedude with Electivire ends 52th, and gets $14500.
Kirethidae with B Gliscor ends 51th, and gets $15000.
Gold Rush with Gallade ends 50th, and gets $15500.
Neltharion_deathwing with Dragonite ends 49th, and gets $16000.
Yusuke007 with Seaking ends 48th, and gets $16500.
Brizer with A Starmie ends 47th, and gets $17000.
Stubby Boardman with C Kingdra ends 46th, and gets $17500.
DarkGardevoir with Zangoose ends 45th, and gets $18000.
Haze with A Cradily ends 44th, and gets $18500.
Psychedelic Shroomish with Rotom-H ends 43th, and gets $19000.
Leman with Crobat ends 42th, and gets $19500.
Thunderz with B Sceptile ends 41th, and gets $20000.
The Jr Trainer with C Metagross ends 40th, and gets $20500.
Phantom Kat with Slowbro ends 39th, and gets $21000.
Pokemon_Ron with Blastoise ends 38th, and gets $21500.
Flame Master with B Tyranitar ends 37th, and gets $22000.
QIC with Ampharos ends 36th, and gets $22500.
sheepskinfuton with B Dusknoir ends 35th, and gets $23000.
Metallic Houndoom with Porygon-Z ends 34th, and gets $23500.
Fierce Deity with Rhyperior ends 33th, and gets $24000.
Susaska Vannorost with Charizard ends 32th, and gets $24500.
Lunar Wing with Garchomp ends 31th, and gets $25000.
DarkEevee with A Raichu ends 30th, and gets $25500.
Splishee with C Miltank ends 29th, and gets $26000.
Sec with Vespiqueen ends 28th, and gets $26500.
Ayotui with A Poliwrath ends 27th, and gets $27000.
Scourge of Amaranth with A Dusknoir ends 26th, and gets $27500.
GreenRampage with Mrs. Mime ends 25th, and gets $28000.
Speed-X with B Gengar ends 24th, and gets $28500.
Poltergeist with A Gengar ends 23th, and gets $29000.
Seawolf with Milotic ends 22th, and gets $29500.
Xalapeno with B Lanturn ends 21th, and gets $30000.
Bumblebee16 with Gardevoir ends 20th, and gets $30500.
Sequentio with Togekiss ends 19th, and gets $31000.
Eraizaa-kun with Walrein ends 18th, and gets $31500.
TsukiKaiki64 with D Cradily ends 17th, and gets $32000.
TheEvilDookie with C Starmie ends 16th, and gets $32500.
Bryce with A Miltank ends 15th, and gets $33000.
Spiderc with B Cradily ends 14th, and gets $33500.
Fenix with A Spiritomb ends 13th, and gets $34000.
Keion with A Lanturn ends 12th, and gets $34500.
Iridium with Lickilicky ends 11th, and gets $35000.
Starkipraggy with C Cradily ends 10th, and gets $35500.
Stinky with Bronzong ends 9th, and gets $36000.
Mitsuzo-kun with B Raichu ends 8th, and gets $36500.
EmBreon with B Kingdra ends 7th, and gets $37000.
Shen with B Metagross ends 6th, and gets $37500.
Marth with Lucario ends 5th, and gets $38000.
poke123 with B Spiritomb ends 4th, and gets $38500.
Dog of Hellsing with B Miltank ends 3rd, and gets $39000.
Eeveedude with A Espeon is runner-up, and gets $39500.
Trainer17 with B Kingdra wins, and gets $40000.

I should get $40500 for reffing this monster.

Salary: $74500 (HUGE SUDDEN LEAP)

-Countdown to 4000th Battle Reffed: 43
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