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Default Re: [IDEA] Knights of Honshu

Originally Posted by Charmander009 View Post
Hmm, sounds about like a concept I have in Lunar Destinies... Except they were called the Knights of the Aura... 1-They are powerful in control of Aura 2-They are an old organization that originated back in the medieval age of the Pokemon world. 3-They travel across the world to bring order and peace. 4-They have a grand council that heads the organization. However, there are huge differences, of course. There's no Legendaries, and humans are also part of it.

But besides that, I like the ideas behind this. It was just the "Knights" thing that threw me off a bit, but yeah. And, you have Orre and Oblivia as regions! You are my hero for today! ^^
The structure is a bit complicated. I don't really read fanfiction, so I must persist to make it known that these ideas are mine... just a little overused, however. xD

The thing with the "Knights" thing, though, I took of what I will be using for their theme song. "Knights of Cydonia". So, I furthered it. The structure goes a bit like this;

Arceus - Practically the top of the pyramid, along with the other creation dieties; Giratina, Dialga, Palkia, Azelf, Uxie, and Mesprit. Mew also goes in this category.
Priory Lords - Lords of the Priory of Arceus below the creation deities. They're all legendary Pokιmon.
KoH Lords - Knights of Honshu lords. There are twelve of them, however, the main character strives to add Aleph to the list of regions, making him/her the thirteenth.
KoH Dukes - Dukes that reign below the lords. There are usually five for each region; the Central Duke, which replaces the KoH Lord in times of need or in case of his/her death, as well as the North, South, East and West Dukes.
KoH Marquess/Marchioness - Knights of Honshu teachers. There are usually around four of them per region, mainly starters' fully-evolved forms.
KoH Knights - The actual knights of the Knights of Honshu. They have an excellent record compared to normal rescuer, explorer, and adventurer Pokιmon, and are actually somewhat powerful. They learn to get better from the marquesses and marchionesses, and are at the bottom of this chain.

I actually have a friend who is working on book five of her fanfiction, and it's about the same idea as the Knights of Aura, except it's expanding on the idea of Aura Guardians. I had another idea like that last year, also dealing with the Aleph Archipelago. In this fanfiction, I plan to bring back the entire concept of the Aleph Achipelago, excluding the original plot... well not too much of it, at least.

I guess I needed to do all of that explaining firsthand. xD

Oh, Orre's definitely easy to do, because I've played through that region I don't know how many times. Oblivia's going to be hard, however. But it's later in the series, so I'll make sure to get all of the details. =]

Also, these are my plans for the first eight books.

Book One: Knights of Kanto
Dragonite – Lord of Kanto
Shiny Ninetails – Central Duke
Lapras – South Duke
Arcanine – West Duke
Pidgeot – East Duke
Gengar – North Duke
Charizard – Cerulean Marchioness
Blastoise – Cinnabar Marquess
Venesaur – Celedon Marquess
Raichu – Viridian Marchioness

Book Two: Knights of Johto
Tyranitar – Lord of Johto
Slowking – Central Duke
Mantine – West Duke
Skarmory – North Duke
Mamoswine – East Duke
Gliscor – South Duke
Feraligatr – Cianwood Marquess
Typhlosion – Ecruteak Marquess
Gyrados – Mahogany Marchioness
Meganium – Cherrygrove Marchioness

Book Three: Knights of Hoenn
Salamence – Lord of Hoenn
Absol – Central Duke
Relicanth – East Duke
Milotic – South Duke
Keckleon – North Duke
Armaldo – West Duke
Castform – Fortree Marchioness
Sceptile – Mossdeep Marquess
Blaziken – Verdanturf Marquess
Swampert – Slatepot Marquess

Book Four: Knights of Orre
Metagross – Lord of Orre
Kabutops – Central Duke
Gastrodon – West Duke
Hippowdon – North Duke
Rhyperior – South Duke
Sandslash – East Duke
Kangaskhan – Libra Marchioness
Marowak – Pyrite Marquess
Quagsire – Phenac Marchioness
Torterra – Agate Marchquess

Book Five – Knights of Fiore
Flygon – Lady of Fiore
Dusknoir – Central Duke
Nidoking – East Duke
Nidoqueen – West Duke
Shiftry – North Duke
Azumarill – South Duke
Delcatty – Ring Marchioness
Pelipper – Wind Marquess
Tentacruel – Summer Marquess
Bellossom – Fall Marchioness

Book Six – Knights of Sinnoh
Garchomp – Lady of Sinnoh
Lucario – Central Duke
Magnezone – South Duke
Lickilicky – East Duke
Tangrowth – West Duke
Froslass – North Duke
Empoleon – Verity Marchioness
Infernape – Valor Marchioness
Magmortar – Battle Marchioness
Electrivire – Acuity Marchioness

Book Seven – Knights of Sevii
Kingdra – Lord of Sevii
Floatzel - Omni Duke
Wailord - Evens Duke
Golduck - Odds Duke
Flareon – Knot Marchioness
Vaporeon – Boon Marquess
Leafeon – Kin Marchioness
Glaceon – Floe Marquess
Espeon – Chrono Marquess
Jolteon – Fortune Marquess
Umbreon – Quest Marchioness

Book Eight – Knights of Holon
Guardevoir – Lady of Holon
Octillery – Central Duke
Drapion – North Duke
Toxicroak – South Duke
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