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Default Forum Festival! Sign Up Now!

Hey Everybody! So I feel like judging a forum festival, I do em on AIM all the time so I figured I'd try one on the forums ^_^

For those of you who don't know, a Festival is like a contest FFA! It's pretty much just a contest where there are more than four people coordinating. You can read up on the festival rules in the All About Contests thread.

This will be a Ten Turn Festival with the attribute changing every Two Turns. We'll be using the RSE Move List. This will be a Super-Rank festival so if you win and have no ribbons then you'll have to take a Normal ribbon.

When I think enough people have signed up I'll post the Primary Round results, the crowd level, and announce the attribute for the first two turns.

To participate make sure you've posted your coordinator's stats then post your Pokemon, all moves that it knows, and all of its contest stats. Let's make this a good, clean, and big contest! Ready... Set... Go!

None yet, GO SIGN UP >:[

DG, if you could sticky this that'd be great :3

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