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Default Re: [IDEA] The PokéTribune

Okay, here goes nothing!

An Interview With The Two Mews
By Blaze (The Talking Blaziken)

Blaze: Hello, I'm here with two of the most famous legendaries. Please welcome Mew and Mewtwo!

Mewtwo: Uhh Blaze? That's not a video camera, it's a tape recorder.

Blaze: Sorry, I was once a substitute for Jay Leno.

Mewtwo: So pitiful.

Blaze: I know... So, what do you think of the new remakes, HeartGold and SoulSilver?

Mew: Well, I think it's just great. I mean, fans of the Johto Saga have had to wait 10 years for these, and I really hope they continue with the success of the Pokémon games for years to come.

Mewtwo: I've always been partial to the G/S/C games. Even though Game Freak made my home, Cerulean Cave, collapse, I still commend them for their hard work.

Blaze: How does it feel to be legendaries?

Mew: Well, there's this pressure that I feel that I'm supposed to be "The King of Pokémon" or something. Luckily, the title goes to Arceus--

Mewtwo: No, it doesn't. It goes to me! I AM the strongest out of them all. Just ask Palkia.

Mew: Palkia? That lying idiot? He's just lying.

Mewtwo: Lying idiot? I think not--

Blaze: Hey, hey, hey!! Cool it, you guys! I'm trying to do an interview!

Mew: Sorry, Mewtwo just gets delusional.

Mewtwo: Hmph. Delusional, my ass!

Blaze: Ayayayayayay! Back to the interview. Mew, why do you feud with Mewtwo?

Mew: Mainly because he's of the self-absorbed, narcissant, egomaniacal type. That and he beats me in arm-wrestling.

Blaze: Wait, you can actually arm-wrestle with those nubs you call arms?

Mew: Yes.

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