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Default Re: [IDEA] The PokéTribune

I was hoping for something a little more... like a newspaper. Here's an intro that acts as an example.

SEABREAK PATH - Last Friday, Cynthia, Sinnoh's Champion, had succeed in winning a three-on-three all-out Pokémon match with Lucian, Sinnoh's highest ranking of the Elite Four, for the third year in a row, allowing her to keep her title and her legacy.

"You know, it's just amazing, the bond between Pokémon and humans," the three-time champ said Saturday, on a press conference re-instating Cynthia into the Hall of Fame. "Sometimes, Pokémon can give love that won't stop giving. I think everyone can achieve this relationship with their Pokémon, just as I have."

For the third year in a row she has won the title of champion, and this means that her instruction of the Trainer's School all over Sinnoh will also be reinstated, along with her job of running the Sinnoh League, which includes picking seven of the eight gym leaders, the eighth always traditionally being the fifth runner-up in the league, which has again, resulted in Volkner, Sunyshore's Electric-type gym leader.

"It's kind of funny," Volkner told us in a recent interview. "Not only are the achievements of humans being recognized, but the achievements of their Pokémon are starting to get fame. And it's kind of nice. It's good to give credit where credit is due, and for me, it's to my Pokémon, especially my first." Volkner's first Pokémon was a Pikachu, given to him by Professor Rowan fifteen years ago. It evolved into a Raichu five years ago, when Volkner received a Thunderstone when first winning fifth place in the Sinnoh league, when he first took up the job of gym leader.

Cynthia had announced Wednesday that she was going to participate in the seven-region Champion blowout, with Cynthia coming out in fourth place last year. She will also be competing for the title of the seven-region Champion which she is yet to attain, along with Battlus of the Orre region, Lance of the Kanto and Johto regions, Wallace of the Hoenn region, Drake of the Orange Islands, Mysterial of the one-city region of PokéTopia, this year including Palmer of the Johto and Sinnoh Battle Frontiers, and Brandon of the Hoenn Battle Frontier, along with Steven Stone, who represents the Sevii Islands. The current champion is the five-time winner Stone, who relinquished his title as Hoenn Champion to Wallace last year, only to be offered the Sevii Islands this year.

Last year, the order of champions went as follows (note that the Sevii Islands and the Battle Frontiers were not included last year):

1. Steven (Hoenn)
2. Lance (Johto and Kanto)
3. Mysterial (PokéTopia)
4. Cynthia (Sinnoh)
5. Battlus (Orre)
6. Drake (Orange Islands)
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