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Default Re: National Park Sign Up

Name: Mordecai Hawthorn

Age: He looks in his early twenties (though no one is quite sure).

Gender: Male

Personality: Mordecai is a quiet, yet extremely intelligent person. His voice, deep and dictional, reflects this. He will more often than not be seen with a book or gadget of some sort in his hand. He talks with sophisticated tones and vocabulary and likes to know everything he can about his Pokemon, whom he spends time getting close to. In battle, he does send commands forceful enough for his Pokemon to obey him, but allows them to do what they like with those commands, so they know that he is the trainer, but they are their own selves.

He has often attempted to develop Psychic abilities or elemental powers of some sort, but has so far been unable to achieve such. He believes that Pokemon can teach him as much as he can teach them.

Description: Mordecai is somewhat tall and slender, with a sallow, slightly sunken face adorned with a gleaming pair of square glasses. His hair is jet-black and tied back in a low, short ponytail. As he realized he cannot wear his usual dark purple suit for a task like the National Park, he goes in donned in his black dress shoes, deep plum suit pants, and a gray, vertically striped, buttoned-down dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up.

He also wears a watch, which is extremely important to him. Rather than only tell time, the watch opens various hidden compartments in his shirt, shoes, and pants where he keeps his items, as he believes it tiresome to carry a bulky bag.

Pokemon Captured: None yet. ;P

Pokemon Natures:
Terro (Male Dugtrio) Hardy
Kumadex (Male Ursaring) Quirky
Firaga (Female Charizard) Docile
Steve Fox (Male Hitmonchan) Gentle
Ruru (Female Aggron) Serious
Cannone (Female Octillery) Quiet
Zafina (Female Spoink) Jolly

Park Items

Aura Reader
Digital Camera
Parkball (x2)
Hyperball (x2)
Full Heal (x5)
Max Potion (x5)
Bitter Scent Spray
Mystery Mist Spray (x2)
Paired with the amazing and wonderful Tsuki. <3

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