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Default Re: Individual RP;; Eeveedude

Lance let out a sigh of relief when the Camerupt moved out of the two teenager’s way. He was also glad that Ash had brought along his Vulpix. It made traveling through the murky chasms slightly more pleasing. The walls gave off waves scorching warmth and the deeper we went, the hotter it got.

Visible by the dim light of Vulpix’s Ember, two small, Ground type pokemon appeared in the flickering light.

In response to Ash’s question, Lance simply replied, “Not at the moment. I’m actually about to receive a Donphan from a friend and my previous experiences with Sandslash haven’t exactly been desirable. Let’s keep moving through this cave.

The two pokemon walked right up to Lance and jumped into their battle poses. They both appeared that they would attack at any given moment.

Now, now, I don’t want to fight,” cautioned Lance. The Sandshrew and Phanpy did not listen and continued their bold march foreword.

Thinking quickly, Lance threw out a Pokéball. Out of it, appeared a purple cat-like Pokemon with a bright red ruby on its forehead.

Espeon use Yawn on these two young rebels.

Espeon spat out a hazy fog which encompassed the two small pokemon. When the haze faded, light snoring could be heard from the two basic pokemon.

We’d better leave before they wake up,” suggested Lance.
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