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Default Re: /l Individual RP: Stinky l\

Ranger Ash Dalca
Mt. Okori

Sneasel was mid-jump and just about to land a nice, damaging Fury Swipe when wisps of air began forming around Togekissís nose and the dove shot forward, knocking the Sharp Claw Pokemon right out of the air. Unluckily for Bob and Togekiss, Sneasel was able to score a single swipe on Togekissís win, making the Jubilee Pokemon waver in the air for a moment before she straightened herself up again. And now as Togekiss created three balls of different colors, Sneasel began to prepare his own move. He, too, created a orb of light, though this one was much darker then Togekissís blue, yellow and red. Then to two Pokemon fired their attacks at one another, a Shadow Ball vs. Tri Attack. Sneasel knew that Tri Attack would go in many directions, so he ducked down, dodging the ice sphere, and started to Dig at the hard ground.

The Shadow Ball crashed into Togekissís electric part of her Tri Attack, creating a explosion. After the fire part crashed into the ground, Togekissís attack had ended. Now she was left to wonder where Sneasel would pop up, most likely with some powerful attack.


Trainer Stats:

Trainer: Bob Miller
Location: Mt. Okori

Area Effects: Icy ground
Encounters Remaining- 6

Wild Pokemon:
-??? Sneasel (?) -Keen Eye Ability- //Fury Swipes//

Pokemon Stats:
-Jolly Gengar (F) -Levitate Ability- <In Ball>

-Jolly Bronzong (M) -Levitate Ability- <In Ball>

-Gentle Togekiss (F) -Serene Grace Ability- <In Battle> |Def-2|

Total Items: Type Repellent x3 // Hyper Ball x3 // Park Ball x10 // Hyper Repellant // Supreme Parkball

Total Pokemon Encountered:
Walrien // Smoochum // Spheal // Machop // Machop // Machop // Spheal // Regigigas // Sneasel //
Total Pokemon Captured:



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