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Default Re: Expansion: The Park

Okay, so, once the URPG opens in BMG, what do we really need to do to open the Park there besides copy/pasting every thread? We do need sub-forums and such.

It does worry me a bit that the whole concept will be new and since they will just be starting out, they might not have enough money to actually go on Park Expeditions.

However, that might actually help the Park. We should post everything about the Park along with the URPG so that people can read, familiarize themselves with it since they won't be able to jump into it until they have enough money. And with them needing to buy new mons too and new moves, it might take some time.

We should also keep links to URPG Park RPs as examples so that they know how different the National Park can be from regular RPs too.

The one thing about the Park I still think needs changing is that we should have one Main RP per location. ... ...hmm....Hey, what if we move the Main RP to BMG and keep the individual RPs here?

The problem with there being one Main RP per location is the clutter of stickies along with the clutter of individual RPs, but, if there are only Main RPs in BMG, then there's no clutter.

People would come to PE2K's Park for individual RPs and to BMG for Main ones. I think that would work.

What do you guys think?
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