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Lightbulb Expansion: Stories

Since George is a very relaxed fellow, I'm going to go ahead and create this thread for him and all of our story folk (including me, I like stories).

And of course, this thread is under the jurisdiction of the Stories Committee.

The biggest challenge you story members will be facing is the fact that BMG does not have an extremely strong Story Section. I'm not entirely sure, but from what Phoenix said, the story section never regained the activity it used to have, possibly still feeling the effects of the forum closure in 2001.

In an ironic twist, BMG has a stronger roleplaying section, so the Park might be the bigger of the two sections in the URPG over there, at least at first.

So I suppose your job is to figure out how to tackle that issue and ensure success on BMG. Perhaps it's just a matter of members not having a strong team of writers like we do here. Whatever the case, I'm sure that we can come up with a plan to drive forward URPG Story success.
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