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Name: Shocking, Isn't It?
Pokemom Target: Mareep
Plot: Rowan, a new trainer, is forced to attack a Mareep due to her curious and daring Houndour. Gets help from her brother, a more experianced and older trainer.
First story
Success: Yipededoda

Name: Rayne, Rayne, go away.
Pokemom Target: Kirlia
Plot: Based on The Hunger Games. Rayne is forced to compete in The Hunger Games, a place where one human is tyed to one Pokemon and is forced to fight against twenty-three other humans and Pokemon. If one of the pair dies, they both go down.
Success: Failed, then captured!!

Name: Go to Sleep
Pokemom Target: Abra, Seedot
Plot: Idea from the song Counting Bodes Like Sheep to the Rhythm of the War Drums. Kallisto is trapped in a reality that she can't escape and gets help from a friend of hers as well as a family of Abra, Kadabra and Alakazam.
Story Deal with Alonzo
Success: Abra Captured!

Name: Vines
Pokemom Target: Gligar, Yanma, Rattata, Koffing
Plot: Law and Order crossover, entry for WWC. SECOND PLACE IN WWC
Success: All four captured!!!

Name: Dead Shouldn't Write
Pokemom Target: Nincada, Nincada
Plot: Sequel to Rayne, Rayne Go Away. Rayne finds a bag filled with letters moments after she wins the games. She finds that the letters are written by one of the tributes that made it quite a ways and learns many things about him- some which aren't so happy. She tries to find justive for this brave boy who only wanted to return home.
Story Deal for Ayouti
Success: Caught/Caught

Name: All Part of a Dream
Pokemom Target: Baltoy, Gastly
Plot: This is the story of Shea Everhart and Neb, a young homeless man. Part of my Capture Everything Saga
Success: Baltoy... and then Gastly captured!

Name: Christmas Time is Near
Pokemom Target: Skitty
Plot: It's Christmas Eve and the Anders family realizes that they forgot to capture a Skitty for their daughter. Oh no! What will happen?
Success: Capture!

Name:The Dewott That Could
Pokemom Target: Drilbur
Plot: Lexi brings her newest Pokemon, a stubborn and power-hungry Dewott, to her home. River the Dewott has to prove himself to a cruel and unloved Houndour to win the heart of the darling Teddiursa while protecting an Egg that Lexi untrusted to him.
Success: ???

Works in Progress::

Name: ???
Pokemom Target: Sewaddle, Cottonee
Plot: As Lexi shops in Castelia City for the first time, her Pokemon have an adventure which includes finding Daisy's missing ribbons in Pinwheel Forest.
Success: ???

Park Facts;;
Park Stuff: Here
As a Trainer
Places visited; Mt. Decbi, Outer Heave
Pokemon Captured; Vulpix [M, Quirky], Gliscor [F, Bold], Diglett [M, Naive]
Rangers: Dog of Hellsing, BumbleBee

As a Ranger
Money Earned; 59 000
Places Visited; Power Plant, The Woods, Mt. Deckbi, Mt. Okori, Botanical Gardens, Metoer Valley
Trainers Taken; Nine

Hyper Ballx5
Park Ballx3
Max Potionx3
Full Healx2
Full Restorex1
Scent Spraysx6
Digital Camerax1
Squirt Bottlex1

Paired with my love, the incredibly awesome and amazingly fantastic Shock <3
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