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Default Re: Expansion: Stories

Originally Posted by Galleon View Post
Well, at the moment, I'm thinking it would probably be a good idea to first contribute some of our own stories to BG's fanfic section, much like Kat has already done. Or, just commenting in someone else's fic would be helpful, too. Really, just add some interest and activity to the community that's already there, and maybe when the URPG opens, the Stories section will be better received.

One idea, anyway.
Stalker. :>

But that sounds good. Maybe we can post some of our URPG stories there, which will add some activity to the fan fic section and also show a little "preview" about what URPG stories are about. Dunno, just an idea.

Also, when the URPG is up and running, maybe someone can host a Newbie Contest for the 'Garden URPGers. That way, they'll get a hang of how to write an effective URPG and possibly write and/or win some good Pokemon. I know taking part in the one Carly hosted helped me know how writing these things work.

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