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Default Re: Eraizaa's shinban no hon


Rules: 10 people FFA, Revo, No helds, No Sleep Moves, No Perish Song, Hit-all moves hit-one, OHKO Clause, No Evasion, Encore and Intimidate fail, Perma-Heal Block, All mons become fully evolved and know all moves they can learn.

Eeveedude's Donphan
Lord Khajmer's Ninetales
AiedailEclipsed's Abomasnow
Ayotui's Kingdra
Gun6's Azumarill
Dog of Hellsing's Miltank
Fierce Deity's Kingdra
Kirethidae's Absol
Sheepskinfuton's Azumarill
Shock64's Urasing


Eeveedude: $4,500
Shock64: $4,000
Dog of Hellsing: $3,500
Lord Khajmer: $3,000
Fierce Deity: $2,500
Kirethidae: $2,000
Ayotui: $1,500
Gun6: $,000
AiedailEclipsed: $1,000
Sheepskinfuton: $1,000
Me: $5,000

Salary: $6,500
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