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Default Re: FD's Log

15-man FFA
No Weather
No Terrain
No Items/ No Helds
No Sleep Moves
No Perish Song
Moves that hit more than one Pokemon in double battles hit one opponent
No Evasion
Special Rule: Random-rolled Legends w/ all TMs. Legends with more than 1 form gets chosen by trainer.

Eeveedude (Arceus)
Psychedelic Shroomish (Latias A)
F.D. (Regice)
gun6 (Latios)
Near (Uxie)
Mitsuzo-kun (Phione)
Kirethidae (Mewtwo A)
Kitty-San (Shaymin-S)
Leman (Moltres)
-PK (Mewtwo B)
Shock64 (Regigigas)
Stinky (Mewtwo C)
Phoenix (Latias B)
BlueJello (Mesprit)
Neltharion_deathwing (Latias C)


long ffa is loooooooooooong


Regice - $1,000
Mewtwo A - $1,000
Latias A - $1,000
Latias B - $1,500
Mewtwo B - $2,000
Mewtwo C - $2,500
Latias C - $3,000
Regigigas - $3,500
Phione - $4,000
Moltres - $4,500
Regice - $5,000
Uxie - $5,500
Mesprit - $6,000
Arceus - $6,500
Latios - $7,000

I should get $7,500

Salary: $45,000
POL Stats

WAR XI Team: .

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