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Default Re: Dog of Hellsing, Hkim, bluejello, Gold Rush [Standard RS Normal Cool]

/averts eyes from Heart Gold...

Raichu uses Quick Attack +3
Crowd Cheers+1 [CL=3]
Will go first next turn.

Granbull uses Bulk Up +1
Earns a Star

Gengar uses Thunderbolt +4
Crowd Cheers +1 [CL=4]

Scizor uses Agility +3
Crowd goes Wild +5 [CL=0]
Will go first next turn
Good Condition+1

ROund 4 Order
Scizor +9 [110]
Raichu +4 [130]
Gengar +5 [100]
Granbull +1 [90]
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