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Default Re: Expansion: Stories

Originally Posted by Dog of Hellsing View Post
If we're going to take some of our stories to 'Garden's fanfic section to give them a chance to see how writing to catch Mon works, I'd be more than happy to post some of my stuff over there. I can take MotM and then something shorter, maybe Mother or something, and then something like NecroFear. I have a big list of stories to choose from, though I'd prefer to stick to using ones I've already finished compared to those I've left hanging ^^'.
Then again, if you post something there that you haven't finished, it might somehow-but-probably-not motivate you to do so, right? 's the way it is for me, I think...
Originally Posted by Lord Khajmer View Post
I'll swing over some of my one-offs. Not the continuing stories that I never actually continued though.

SUGGESTION: Mark the titles of stories we're importing with "URPG Story: *insert title here*" or the like.
Well, they don't necessarily have to be URPG stories, y'know. They could just be regular fanfics, if you want. The idea is to simply help the activity of the writing forums, so there's no need to limit things like that.

But heck, go ahead and add all the title marks you want. It'll probably just confuse people, but maybe that confusion will make some folks curious. Brains are funny like that.
Originally Posted by Dog of Hellsing View Post
Would it be possible to provide links to these stories once the Stories section gets its own intro thread, or to link them in the first post of the announcement on 'Garden? That way 'Garden people will have a better chance of seeing them, since there's not much activity there in the first place.

Yeah, probably.

DIGRESSION: And in other, totally unrelated news, the thread for the new writing competition will be up later today. Not entirely sure what to call the dang thing. I might just go with something awesomely stupid.

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