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Default Re: Individual RP: Sec

“Yes!” Sec whispered excitedly, making sure that he was quiet enough to not wake the sleeping enemy.

Togekiss fluttered back to her trainer weakly; Sec could see the pain in her eyes and the redness of her eyes could definitely show that she most likely had a fever. Her fatigue caused her to collapse to the ground rapidly, falling flat in front of her trainer, trembling. Sec knew exactly what was going on.

”Toxic… I’ve seen it quite a few times before, I’ll have to keep her away until I leave,” Sec said to Eli as he retrieved Togekiss’s Pokeball from his pocket. “Come back girl! You did an amazing job!” Sec said to Togekiss quietly, yet proudly, as the egg Pokemon became a spark of red light that soared back into her home.

“Now…” Sec said determinedly, “this has to catch it now…”

Sec gripped a Superball tightly in his hand and with a thrust of his arm and a flick of his wrist, hurled the upgraded Parkball at the sleeping sludge pile.
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