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Default The Judging Lounge.

The Lounge is a place for Judges and only Judges, but we often leave the door unlocked because Dino always loses his key. Here we can relax, have a cool drink between Contests, and of course, review the Judging guidelines. We also keep the test posted at the front, so anyone who wants to join up has the opportunity.

Becoming a Judge

So, now that you've read the guidelines, I bet you're ready to become a Judge. Well, before you can earn your Judging Certificate (how creative are we?) you have to pass a test. This test isn't completed yet, but once it is you'll be allowed to officially apply. You do have to be a Referee in order to ref Contest Battles, but this is not required to strictly participate in Contests.

≈ active.

Lord Fedora
Saraibre Ryu

Judging Appeals

Creativity/Origonality - 25 points.
How original the appeal idea is. Having Beautifly use Silver Wind isn't advised as it's been done hundreds of times and, quite honestly, gets old. Be creative! Use your Pokemon's characteristics to your advantage and accentuate the beauty and power of your Pokemon. It's easier than you think. c:

Realism - 15 points.
How 'able' and accurate the Appeal is to pull off. Having a Pikachu magically remain in the air after using Thunderbolt isn't possible. Obviously, Pokemon isn't the most physically accurate series, but your Appeals need to follow the gray area that is PokePhysics.

Writing - 20 points.
This part is fairly straight forward. How accurate is your grammar? How well do you describe the performance? Did everything flow properly? In this case, proof reading really is your best friend.

Theme - 10 points.
How well your Pokemon fits the theme and uses it to it's advantage. If the theme somehow pertains to the arctic frontier, then using a Piloswine is appropriate while using a Venomoth wouldn't be. Theme and Creativity are very closely linked and flatter each other, so making sure you pay close attention to how you use the theme to benefit yourself.

Overall - 10 points.
How enjoyable your Appeal was and the Judge's impression overall.

As a Judge, you're job is to give constructive and helpful critiques to the Appealers when you post their scores. Stating, "Is good, me like," will not be tolerated and you will be asked to retype your critique.

Questions and Concerns

Any questions or issues concerning Judging should go here. If you have trouble with Contests in general, please direct your question to the main Q&A thread. Contest Masters will look there regularly and either we or a more experienced Coordinator will be happy to answer any questions you may have. This is also where payment will occur: Judges will receive a set paycheck of $30 after the completion of the Contest they Judged. Because of their high paycheck, we expect our Judges to completely analyze every Appeal and accurately Ref their Battles, giving constructive feedback at every opportunity; simple two-sentence critiques will rarely suffice and are ultimately unacceptable.
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