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Default =~|Blue Jello's RP|~=

I had just finished changing into my ranger uniform, when my brand new 2-way radio began yelling, "Hey, Jake! Your first trainer will be here any minuite. Get out front and get ready to greet him."

I grabbed my radio and held down a black knob on the side and spoke into it. "Yes sir," I replied slightly nervous. This would be my first time taking a trainer through the park and although I was nervous, I was also relieved and happy to have the opprotunity to be a Ranger.

I then proceeded to the front of the Outpost with my Espeon following closely behind. Upon entering, I noticed that my trainer, Blue Jello had not arrived yet so I sat in one of the couches in the waiting room. "This uniform is super comfortable," I speculated. "My trainer's mother must have been awful frazzled to name her kid Blue Jello."

As I pondered, my Espeon pranced over to the door and began pawing at it.

I walked over and opened the door for Espeon. He loved the sun, and today it was particularly sunny. Upon opening the door, I saw a trainer running toward him and assuming it was Blue, I waved and yelled, "Hi, I'm Jake and this is Espeon!"

Name: Blue Jello
Money: $7,500
Location: Abandoned Power Plant

Area Effects:
Repellants: Poison
Encounters Remaining- 15
Pokemon Stats:
Randoe [~Granbull~] [Intimidate, Female, Sassy]( TM Earthquake/ TM Roar/ TM Bulk Up/ TM Thunder Wave/ TM Attract)

Dangliní [~Weepinbell~] [Chlorophyll, Male, Gentle](No TMs)

BlueJello [~Ditto~] [Limber, ???, Jolly](No TMs)

Total Items: 2 Park Balls, 2 Hyper Balls, 1 Supreme Park Ball, 2 Max Potion, Ditto Costume, 1 Essence of Life Perfume

Total Pokemon Encountered: n/a

Total Pokemon Captured: n/a
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