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Default Re: URPG National Park Main RP


Outer Heaven Outpost
Ranger Ren escorting Saundra Blake

"Miss Anzai, wake up, the Head Ranger has a mission for you!" screeched a two-way radio that was lying next to the girl's head as she was sleeping face down on her pillow. With a claw like grip, Ren snatched up the two-way and depressed one of the buttons on the side.

"Ranger is my...mission?" she mumbled, still a bit groggy as she rubbed the sleepies out of her eyes.

"You'll be escorting a trainer named Saundra Blake to the Outer Heavens. I know this is your first job with us, but don't screw it up. Have fuuuuun!" the secretary's voice, distorted with static, suddenly clicked off and Ren had no choice but to get up.

Still wrapped up in her sleeping bag, Ren tried to wiggle over several feet to where her clothes were neatly folded, but when she tried to put her pants on without first getting out of her warm synthetic cocoon she ended up falling and knocking over her whole tent.

Yes, Ren was sleeping in a tent outside the Ranger Station. Some may have called her a bit overeager, but really she just didn't have a permanent place to sleep yet, and with her background she was used to roughing it in the great outdoors.

Now fully awake, she threw her long shaggy auburn hair into a messy ponytail and put a brick red and grey jacket on over the dark grey tank top she was already wearing. After slipping into her shoes and making sure she had everything, Ren jogged all of twenty feet and pushed open the door to the outpost where a smaller looking girl with nearly white hair was patiently waiting.

"Good morning! You must be Saundra. My name is Ren and I will be your guide to the Outer Heavens this morning. Are you all ready to leave?" she asked, looking to the secretary behind them in approval, but the tired woman just rolled her eyes and called out a tall green bird Pokemon that almost looked like it could be part of a totem pole who was glowing white and ready to teleport them to their destination.
Trainer Stats

Trainer: Saundra Blake
Area: Outer Heavens Outpost
Area Effects: There's a large window box fan cooling off the humid room and a very tired secretary who isn't in the mood to put up with eccentric rangers.
Encounters: 15

Trainer's Pokemon

Ripper the Serious Male Scizor <In Ball>
Ability: Technician
EMs: TM Substitute ; TM Rest ; TM Roost ; TM Return ; TM Sleep Talk ; TM Toxic ; TM Brick Break ; TM Swagger ; TM Sandstorm ; TM Aerial Ace ; TM Protect ; TM U-Turn ; BM Light Screen ; BM Baton Pass

Databyte the Genderless Docile Porygon-Z <In Ball>
Ability: Download
EMs: TM Protect ; TM Shadow Ball, TM Thunder Wave ; TM Ice Beam ; TM Dark Pulse ; TM Rest ; TM Sleep Talk ; TM Hidden Power (Electric) ; TM Psychic

Seagem the Sassy Female Dragonite <In Ball>
Ability: Inner Focus
EMs: HM Surf ; HM Waterfall ; TM Substitute ; TM Earthquake ; TM Rock Slide ; TM Roar ; TM Ice Punch ; TM Ice Beam ; TM Hidden Power (Rock) ; TM Attract ; TM Thunderbolt ; TM Rest ; TM Rain Dance ; MT Draco Meteor

Items: Hyper Ball x6 ; x3 Full Restore
Pokemon Seen: None
Pokemon Captured: None

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