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Default Re: URPG National Park Main RP

OOC: Thanks for bringing me through ^^. I just want to make it clear now though that because of my crazy schedule as of late, I'm not sure exactly how often I'll be able to post. There might be a few times where I go a bit longer than four days without replying. Just so you know.


Saundra Blake
Outer Heaven

As I waited for my Ranger to come collect me, I stared out a window and took in the sight of Outer Heaven. I could certainly understand why they called it that; the place was absolutely beautiful. The massive tower rose into the clouds, and flocks of various Flying Pokemon were constantly passing by. Here and there were more solitary Pokemon, such as a Salamence or an Aerodactyl. The reflected light of the sunrise cast a glow on the Pokemon I saw, making them all look even more breathtaking than normal.

I was engrossed by the place when I heard someone entering the Outpost. I reluctantly turned from the view and was greeted by an auburn-haired woman who introduced herself as Ren, my Ranger. I smiled and nodded when she asked if I was ready to leave, and moments later we were teleported away by a little Natu. When we reappeared, we were on a sprawling platform covered in trees, small ponds, and acres of knee-high grass. It looked like several areas of the Park had been squished into into the space available here, or perhaps that was just me. Either way, it was a peaceful spot. A warm breeze blew, making the leaves of the trees rustle and the grass sway. The clouds around us softly floated by, and it was generally a very relaxing moment.

Then it passed and I clapped my hands together, eager to get started on my second trip to the Park. I hoped to encounter some rare Pokemon, perhaps another Salamence or Dragonite. I looked at Ren and smiled again, barely able to contain my readiness.

"Right then, so here we are. Shall we get moving?"
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