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Default Re: What's your HeartGold/SoulSilver team?

I'll be cycling through my army of mighty babies. They number a dozen.

A'Tuin the Turtwig
CHARMANDER the shiny Charmander
Foxtrot the Elekid
Kiki the Bonsly
Leitmotif the Horsea
Wobbly Bob the Wailmer
Studcakes the Ponyta
Skulkraken the Gible
Alpha the Scyther
Bravo the Heracross
Buttons the Phanpy
Surprise the Lickitung

Also I'll be carrying UselessBee the male Combee because checking his profile or using Sweet Scent cracks me up every time. I have high hopes for the comedy option of running around with him flopping pathetically behind me.
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