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Default Re: [SU] The Battle of Aloria [SU] (Revived)

Name: Anveena
Age: 19
Gender: female
Appearance: *she's the one on the right*
Personality: Anveena is an outgoing and independent young woman. She has no problem going out and down a "man's" job. She's also a very caring person, mostly toward Pokemon since she has no problem raising a blade against another human. She believe a Pokemon was only doing the only thing it knows how to do when a human chooses their path.
Class: rouge, aura guardian in-training
Alliance: no alliance
History: Anveena is one of the few how have a Legendary Mount. Her's is the Thunder Pokemon, Raikou. Her Raikou is different in color, orange and yellow instead of yellow and purple. She met her Legendary Mount one day when she was out hunting, finding the Raikou in a trap. She let him go, but the people who trapped the Guardian of the Thunderstorm soon returned and challenged Anveena. She had no problem raising her blade to defend the Legendary Pokemon. Impressed with her skills, not only with the blade but also with Aura, the Raikou told the human girl that he was known as Jelani, and he proposed that they team up for the upcoming battles that were going to come. Anveena didn't have to think twice before she agreed to join Jelani in order to protect the Pokemon of their world from the dark forces that were starting to form.
recolor by Tombi
Moro/white Arcanine, female
Bite, Flame Wheel, Flamethrower, ExtremeSpeed
Land Mount

Arlen/Swampert, male
Surf, Earthquake, Mud Bomb, Muddy Water
Land/Sea Mount

Wulfric/Mightyena, male
Howl, Bite, Take Down, Dark Pulse

Ryu/shiny Flygon, male
DragonBreath, Crunch, Dragon Claw, Fly
Sky Mount

Shen/Lucario, male
Inner Focus
Metal Claw, Aura Sphere, Dragon Pulse, Force Palm
Is teaching Anveena how to use Aura
Other: Anveena has lived alone with only her Pokémon for as long as she can remember. She lived in the forest right outside of the King's capital city. She has been hired by him to escort his daughter, Princess Hemiko, outside of the city and back. During one of these trips, she had what others may consider a sin, and that was falling in love with the princess, another woman.
Name: Jelani
Species: (shiny) Raikou
Gender: male

Ability: Pressure
Attacks: Thunderbolt, Crunch, Discharge, Thunder
Personality: Jelani is proud of his power. He only cares for a few people and cares for almost all Pokémon, especially Electric-types. He prefers his solitude, but every now and then he likes to be around others. Basically Jelani is the strong, silent type with a tough exterior but a soft interior.
Other: is Anveena's Legendary Mount
Name: Princess Hemiko
Age: 18
Gender: female
Appearance: *she's the one on the left*
Personality: Hemiko is a very kind and shy girl. She doesn't like to speak her mind, just keeping all her thoughts to herself. She doesn't quite feel like herself as the Princess. When she's outside the castle walls, she feels more free. She wishes she didn't have to be the Princess, but that was the life she was born into.
Class: mage
Alliance: King's Army
History: Hemiko had run away from the castle and into the nearby forest at a young age. She only had her Rattata at the time to protect her. She was in the forest even after the sun had set. When the forest was incased in darkness, Hemiko was soon surrounded by a pack of Houndour and Houndoom. Her Rattata did what he could to protect her, but there were too many. When all hope was lost, a wild Vaporeon came to the young Princess's aid. After a long battle, the Houndour and Houndoom ran off, leaving the injured Vaporeon. Hemiko wanted to help it, so he carried it back to the Capital City. It was treated, and when resting in Hemiko's room the Vaporeon transformed into the Goddess of Creation, the New Species Pokemon Mew. Hemiko named the pink Pokemon Chara, since she thought the name was cute. To everyone else Chara took on the form of Vaporeon, and Hemiko didn't say a word about the Mew's appearance. After a few years, when Hemiko was old enough to understand, Chara informed her about the war that was about to erupt. Wanting to be able to defend herself, Hemiko wanted to make a pact with the Mew, who accepted because the Princess of Aloria had helped her before and had treated her so kindly.

Aeolos/(shiny) Pidgeot, male
Keen Eye
Twister, Wing Attack, Air Slash, Fly
Air Mount

Mukki/Rattata, male
Quick Attack, Hyper Fang, Thunderbolt, Ice Beam

Adena/(shiny) Rapidash, female
Flash Fire
Stomp, Take Down, Flare Blitz, Fire Blast
Land Mount

Sango/(shiny) Milotic, female
Marvel Scale
Aqua Ring, Water Pulse, Auqa Tail, Hydro Pump
Sea Mount

Anemone/Absol, female
Swords Dance, Slash, Night Slash, Razor Wind

Alcione/(shiny) Glaceon, female
Snow Cloak
Ice Shard, Blizzard, Dig, Iron Tail
Other: Hemiko is the King's daugher, and she does not like the life of a princess. She was only truely happy when she left the city. Her father kept hiring the same person since she was cheap. Since Hemiko grew up influenced by the Church, she knew that falling for another woman could be considered a sin. But that didn't stop her from developing feelings for her female body guard Anveena. But no one, other than her Pokémon, know about Hemiko's feeling toward the other woman.

The reason behind most of Hemiko's Pokemon being unnaturally colored (AKA shiny) is because her father went out and bought them for her. He noticed how his daughter seemed to be unhappy, so he thought by getting exotic Pokemon for her that would lighten her mood. She was interested in the differently colored Pokemon, and started to act in front of her father, but Hemiko still wished to have a different life other than being the Princess.
Name: Chara
Species: Mew
Gender: female

Ability: Synchronize
Attacks: Aura Sphere, Mega Punch, Psychic, Transform
Personality: Chara likes to have fun and play. She doesn't like it when others are sad or depressed. She'll do whatever she can to cheer others up. Chara doesn't like to fight, but also you do not want to get her mad. She can transform into any Pokémon, so you would rather have her calm and having a good time than upset and angry.
Other: is Hemiko's Legendary Mount thanks to knowing Transform
Name: Morgana
Age: 24
Gender: female
Appearance: *click here*
Personality: Morgana is a strong and independent woman. She almost always will refuse help. She is very proud of her sorcery, but still craves more power. Around most people she can be very rude, but when it comes to Xanthros she knows her place, showing him respect. Some might say she's sucking up to him so that he will teach her his spells.
Class: sorceress
Alliance: Xanthros's Army

Chua/(shiny) Arbok, male
Ice Fang, Thunder Fang, Fire Fang, Poison Sting

Calder/(shiny) Gyarados, male
Dragon Rage, Ice Fang, Hydro Pump, Surf
Sea Mount

Stribog/Aerodactyl, male
AncientPower, Crunch, Hyper Beam, Fly
Air Mount

Tyson/(shiny) Houndoom, male
Flash Fire
Howl, Flamethrower, Dark Pulse, Smog

Joren/Aggron, male
Water Pulse, Iron Tail, Thunderbolt, Iron Head
Land Mount

Eztli/(shiny) Seviper, male
Shed Skin
Poison Tail, Crunch, Night Slash, Flamethrower
Other: One time when Morgana was practicing her spells, one went went wrong. Te side affect of it was changing most of her Pokemon's colors. She had tired to find out what it was that she had did wrong that had caused the color changed, but she had not tried to reverse the spell, keeping her Pokemon unnaturally colored.
Name: Enki
Species: Groudon
Gender: male

Ability: Drought
Attacks: Earthquake, Fire Blast, Solarbeam, Eruption
Personality: Enki was once a gentle soul unless it had to deal with his rival, Kyogre. He used to roam the land in the cover of night when he wasn't in his deep sleep and in-between battles with the Legendary water-type. During his peaceful sleep, however, he was rudely awoken by the ongoing war on the surface world. He became enraged that the humans were destroying the land that he had to share control over with Regigigas. Enki would make the land, making him have some control, and then Regigigas would then gain some control since Enki's land was in his territory. Enki stayed underground, getting more furious with the humans for their war that is destroying his land. He is getting ready to burst into the surface world to take out is rage and to repair the land he created.
Other: During the course of the RP, Enki will most likely become Morgana's Legendary Mount

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