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Default =~|Kirethidae's RP|~=

As I walked to the Ranger station, I wandered what my first Trainer would be like. I looked in the Calendar in my cell phone for any clues. All it said was “Kirethidae, 10am, Mt. Oktori, BE THERE!” I was beginning to sweat in all of my snow gear so I shed my heavy black, snow coat.

Espeon, liked to walk beside me in my Ranger escapades. I assumed it was boring being cramped inside Pokéball so I never forced it on him.

The Ranger Station was now in view and standing in front of the small building, was a guy, about 6’. Beside him was another Espeon.

Uh-oh, the boss hates it when we arrive after our trainer. Hey, Ike, want to race?” My leisurely stroll evolved into a sprint to the station. Ikasu, being much faster, bolted ahead of me and sat mockingly next to the trainer.

Hi,” I greeted, very much out of breath. “I’ll be taking you through Mt. Oktori today. This is my Espeon, his name is Ikasu. We can leave whenever you’re ready, my Jeep is over there.” As I finished I pointed proudly to a bright yellow Jeep parked among an assortment of other Jeeps.

Name: Kirethidae
Money: $3000
Location: Mt. Oktori

Area Effects: None
Repellants: None
Encounters Remaining- 15
Pokemon Stats:
Xieleth [~Espeon~] [Synchronize, Female, Calm](Calm Mind/ Shadow Ball/ Substitute)

Masadriz [~Sceptile~] [Overgrow, Male, Careful](Brick Break/ Substitute/ Swords Dance)

Sindrayala [~Dragonite~] [Inner Focus, Female, Rash]( Aerial Ace/ Extremespeed/ Flamethrower/ Rain Dance/ Stone Edge/ Superpower/ Thunderbolt)

Zaashalna [~Absol~] [Super Luck, Female, Hasty](Substitute)

Mokka [~Raichu~] [Static, Female, Naďve]( Brick Break, Encore, Grass Knot, Hidden Power Ice, Substitute)

Helvorga [~Gliscor~] [Hyper Cutter, Female, Bashful]( Aerial Ace, Agility, Aqua Tail, Baton Pass, Counter, Earthquake, Roost, Stone Edge, Substitute, Taunt)

Total Items: 2 Park Balls, 1 Hyper Ball, 4 Super Balls, PokéPlayer {1}, Makuhita Voice Disk {1}, Riolu Voice Disk {1},
Total Pokemon Encountered: n/a

Total Pokemon Captured: n/a
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