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Default Re: What's your HeartGold/SoulSilver team?

Right now, I'm in Viridian Forest, and Brock will be my 15th Gym leader:

Typhlosion lv. 53
Gyarados (the red one) lv. 53
Quagsire lv. 53
Snorlax lv. 54
Ampharos lv. 54
Dragonite lv. 55

I literally just beat Blaine, and he's a huge douchebag that abuses so much hax, it's not even funny. Gyarados got burned by Magcargo's Flame Body, and killed by Magmar's Thunderpunch. Quagsire got confused by Magmar and killed himself. Dragonite killed Magmar with Aqua Tail, but then Rapidash paralyzed Dragonite with Bounce, and on the same turn, Dragonite was immobilized. Rapidash then scores a critical hit with Bounce, killing Dragonite. I won this battle by spamming Flamethrower with Typhlosion. = /
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