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Default Re: URPG National Park Main RP

((That's great, cause my schedule is kind of hectic right now too. I'm glad I picked you. :'D))


Ranger Ren
Outer Heavens

Ren shut her eyes as the small Psychic Pokemon teleported the duo to the top of the massive tower, so that when they arrived she could open them and take it all in at once. She let out a small gasp and smiled, the view was amazing.

It was like nothing she had ever seen before; the massive platform in the sky was like a beautiful utopia that seemed like it went on forever, though in reality it was probably less than a square mile. She inhaled deeply as a warm wind blew past, feeling the tall grass sway as it tickled her bare calves.

"I love this job..." she said, thinking out loud. After squinting to get a better look, she realized that the platform was really split up into several large She then made a mental note to keep as far away from the edge as possible, cause it was a long way down.

"Right then, so here we are. Shall we get moving?" Saundra asked, very eager to get going, and Ren nodded.

"But of course. Where would you like to go first, brave trainer?" she asked, but before she could go on and explain the different Pokemon biomes in the area, she was cut off by a small blue and white blur that whizzed past. The bird Pokemon made a sharp U-turn and came flying back, this time slow enough that Ren could recognize the small cottony bird.

"Oh look, it's a Swablu!" she said, giggling as the blue bird with the fluffy cotton wings fluttered around them before stopping to rest on top of Saundra's head, cooing happily. "They're pretty prone to doing that. It seems to like you, would you like to battle it?"

The Swablu chirped, seemingly in agreement and fluttered a few feet away, tilting its head to the side. "Swabluu?"
Trainer Stats

Trainer: Saundra Blake (DoH)
Area: Outer Heavens
Area Effects: It's warm out, but a bit windy.
Encounters: 14

Wild Pokemon
??? Swablu (?) with Natural Cure

Trainer's Pokemon

Ripper the Serious Male Scizor <In Ball>
Ability: Technician
EMs: TM Substitute ; TM Rest ; TM Roost ; TM Return ; TM Sleep Talk ; TM Toxic ; TM Brick Break ; TM Swagger ; TM Sandstorm ; TM Aerial Ace ; TM Protect ; TM U-Turn ; BM Light Screen ; BM Baton Pass

Databyte the Genderless Docile Porygon-Z <In Ball>
Ability: Download
EMs: TM Protect ; TM Shadow Ball, TM Thunder Wave ; TM Ice Beam ; TM Dark Pulse ; TM Rest ; TM Sleep Talk ; TM Hidden Power (Electric) ; TM Psychic

Seagem the Sassy Female Dragonite <In Ball>
Ability: Inner Focus
EMs: HM Surf ; HM Waterfall ; TM Substitute ; TM Earthquake ; TM Rock Slide ; TM Roar ; TM Ice Punch ; TM Ice Beam ; TM Hidden Power (Rock) ; TM Attract ; TM Thunderbolt ; TM Rest ; TM Rain Dance ; MT Draco Meteor

Items: Hyper Ball x6 ; x3 Full Restore
Pokemon Seen: Swablu
Pokemon Captured: None

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