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Default Re: =~|Kirethidae's RP|~=

OOC: Oh god... Can I just say that I love the way you format your Ranger posts? XD

Xieleth shot a glance at the other Espeon sitting to the right of her trainer, staring ahead at his trainer whilst sitting proudly, wagging his tail jeeringly at the Ranger. This was all it took for Xieleth to take an instant dislike to the other violet-coated cat-like beast. She even broke out of her cool and calm disposal to sneer at the Espeon threateningly, a look of disgust and disdain clearly shown on her feline face.

As the Ranger caught up with his Pokémon, Xieleth snapped back from her sneer, wanting to look proper and sophisticated in front of the human newcomer. Whether or not the Ranger had noticed Xieleth's rudeness, he didn't show it as he greeted Kirethidae, Xieleth's psychic companion.

"Hi," the Ranger panted. Gasping between blocks of words, he continued, "I’ll be taking you through Mt. Oktori today. This is my Espeon, his name is Ikasu. We can leave whenever you’re ready, my Jeep is over there."

Kirethidae nodded ever-so-slightly towards the Ranger, before turning around gracefully and strolling towards the bright yellow vehicle that the Ranger had just pointed towards. The party kept silent as they got into the Jeep, before Kirethidae unusually broke the silence, "What should I call you by? You didn't acquaint me with your name."

Kirethidae spoke as he fiddled with the bright white PokéPlayer on his lap, opening it gently and slotting a disk containing a cry from a wild Riolu inside, getting it ready for usage as soon as the Jeep reached its destination.
Closing the lid, Kirethidae looked up at the Ranger sitting beside him, anticipating the man's reply...
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