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Default Re: (Normal Rank Standard Beauty) Ataro vs Kirethidae vs Sequentio vs Bumblebee16

Sorry 'bout this.

Dragonite uses Dragon Rush! [+6]
Crowd looks on...

Ambipom uses Ice Punch! [+4]
Crowd cheers! [+1]

Electrode didn't make a move...

Drapion uses Thunder Fang! [+4]
Crowd boos!

1st. Dragonite: 60pts [+60]
2nd. Ambipom: 50pts [+50] [CS]
3rd. Drapion: 40pts [+40] [CS]
4th. Electrode: 0pts [+0]
[ CL: 0 ]

Correct me if mistakes have been made.

Send moves here or via PM for Turn 2

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