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Default Seeing is Believing, your thoughts

**Jessie is a total dummy not to notice the difference. I know when I first saw Cascoon and Silcoon, thought my TV was broken on the color, but now, it's easy to tell apart thanks to Birch talking about the eyes. Plus if Jessie LISTENED carefully to the Pokemon cry, it said 'Cascoon, Cascoon,' not 'Silcoon, Silcoon!'

**But man oh man, I laughed and did my Birch impersonation of rolling on the floor when Meowth said it was a Beautifly and didn't know a Meowth, oh man! That was the funniest thing!

**I did not understand Jessie's stupidity at all, it makes her into an incompetent character 'not to know a Pokemon.'

**I swear, one of the Seedot sounded like a girl when Max rubbed it with a leaf. That was interesting how it hangs from a tree to get its nutrients like that and then they fall like acorns to find another tree.

May's Pokemon: Level 10 when it evolved, the tackle on Dustox bumped it to 10 for the Beautifly evolution.
Jessie's Pokemon: Probably level 6, battle with Meowth-Cacnea, level 8, battle with Ash/May eventually leveled it to 10 for its Dustox evolution.

**May is good at Pokemon, but the problem I'm going to see is how can Beautifly be framed at Lillicove? I looked at its attacks, attacks it can learn, it's just not enough to get framed in Lillicove. Skitty, when May gets it, has to learn 'Covet' for a shot at Lillicove. I also strongly feel May has to battle more, I keep saying it over and over that you can't just have her for contests. Lack of battling will always lag her team. May is a good character, but she still has ways to go. Don't forget, a year later in Japan, May has Skitty, soon to be 'Indigo Pokemon' I won't name unless you check Serebii's site, but hasn't entered the Slateport contest yet. Ash on the other hand 'gained more badges.' Beautifly should learn the move Aerial Ace to smack Dustox, Gust is a weak 35 powered attack.

Everytime May says she's going to contests, I feel sick. She's more better then that, I don't know if I got to beat the writers with a stick or something to tell them to BATTLE May more! The contests on TV, I admit I got to see them for myself, but the way the symposis has been written about it sound like a joke. It's no way similar to the contests on the RS games, and that's sad. I thought if you write from the game, accurate your story. ALso when May enters contests, it should not be a breeze to win. Challenge.

My opinion on the episode, other then painful observations noted, was made to excellence and fun to see. 9 out of 10 due to Jessie being dumb, Meowth pretending to be Beautifly, May's good handling of Pokemon, and Birch doing what he does best in rolling around, ah hahahahhaaaa!
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