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Default Re: [SU] The Battle of Aloria [SU] (Revived)

Finally done :P

Name: Xanthros

Age: Not known

Gender: M


Personality: Cold, efficient and cruel. Xanthros has many times proven himself to be a master at battle strategy, weaving intricate traps that aren't spoted until they are almost entirely closed. He holds a deep hatred for weakness, one of the flaws in his first army that led to the necromancer's death, though he does acknowledge that weakling bait is much more efficient than actual battle-trained soldiers.

Class: Warrior/Wizard

Alliance: What do you think?

Shadow Ball, Shadow Claw, Dark Pulse, Psychic

Flamethrower, bounce, double-edge

Fly, Aerial Ace, Brave Bird, Dark Pulse

Other: Xanthros is one of the deadly Necromancers, and one of the last left in existance. He has existed through countless years and his knowledge for combat is only matched by his desire for evil.

Name: Darkrai

Species: Need I say it?

Gender: Male

Appearance: - Pokemon

Ability: bad dreams- Any sleeping Pokemon is tormented by Darkrai's bad dreams. He can also control their bodies to a certain extent.

Attacks: Dark Void, Dark Pulse, Shadow Ball, Dream Eater

Personality: Darkrai's personality is as black as his body. Viciously cruel, Darkrai cares nothing for the people or Pokemon of this world, and despises every single one of them. His hatred fuels his desire to erradicate them all. Xanthros knows nothing of Darkrai's plan to eliminate all life on the planet, and has tricked everyone into thinking he only wants control of the other Pokemon.

Other: Darkrai is actually behind the entire war; he arranged for Xanthros's defeat years ago, as well as manipulating the general to believe the King was too weak for rule, knowing full well the necromancer would attempt to take the throne. Darkrai's true motive is to drain Arceus of its power and plunge the entire world into darkness.

Name: Regigigas

Species: Regigigas

Gender: N/A


Ability: Slow Start-- Regigigas's speed is halved at the beginning of battle.

Attacks: Crush Grip, Ice Punch, Fire Punch, Lightning Punch

Personality: Regigigas has very little in the way of personality. It wishes only to defend its territory, which is the Earth itself. It has allied with the King's forces because it senses the threat posed to the entire world, of which this behemoth is responsible for its safety.


Name: Deoxys

Species: Deoxys

Gender: Generally considered Male


Ability: Pressure- Power usage is doubled when Deoxys is attacked
Form change- Deoxys can change forms at any time, gaining different attacks and attributes with it

Attacks: All forms; Psycho boost, Hyper Beam
Attack; Aura Sphere, Thunder
Defense; Barrier, Protect
Speed; Extremespeed, Double Team
Normal; Psychic, Restore

Personality: Curious and cautious. Deoxys is new to the entire planet, having arrived by accident after an aerial battle with Rayquaza in the atmosphere. It does not particularly care for the wars going on, but will defend itself if neccecary. It cannot speak, but uses telepathy.


Tell me if there's anything wrong.
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