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Default Re: =~|Kirethidae's RP|~=

Kirethidae turned around as Jake was speaking, training his eyesight on the human-shaped Pokémon that had attracted his Ranger's gaze. Xieleth too, turned and looked at the Tyrogue. He watched as the Tyrogue pounded his fists into the large boulder and had to admire the small fighter's determination and strength.
Tyrogue was only a baby Pokémon, and for one to be able to pound into a rock for that long, for the many chips on the ground suggested he had been going at it for quite a while, took some skill.
He didn't even look tired, and was entirely focussed on the training, hence why he didn't notice the small party standing a bit away from him.

Regardless of the little Tyrogue's power, strength and will, Kirethidae wasn't interested, and signalled this by simply turning back around and walking on a little, before pressing the Play button on the PokéPlayer in his hands, causing it to emit the recorded cries of a wild Riolu. Tapping into the soundwaves, Kirethidae even managed to enhance the noise to be heard from even greater distances away, in the hope that he might have a better chance of attracting an alerted Riolu...
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