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Default Re: Individual RP;; Metallic Houndoom

The Avalanche was coming in quick and it would do heavy damage if it were to connect. "Quick, use Agility upwards to to dodge the Avalanche and use Thunderbolt on Delibird whilst it's knocked down!"

Porygon-Z reacted swiftly and focused. A calm blue aura formed around its entire body, supplying the Pokemon with the power of speed. Suddenly Porygon jolted upwards leaving a glowing silhouette of itself behind because it had moved so fast. At the same time, more electrical bolts emitted off of it, bigger this time. Porygon-Z bleeped madly as a huge hot white rod of thunder shot down towards Delibird, illuminating the sky. I just hoped that Porygon-Z was quick enough to dodge the Avalanche and mange to hit...

OCC: No worries. I'll make Delibird male please.

Credit to EmBreon
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