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Default Pokemon Black Market-(Special BlkMart Halloween Duskulls for the first 5 Trades)

Pokemon Black Market
Special Halloween Black Market Duskull!
5 Remaining!!

Offering any pokemon to anyone, too legit to quit.

I'm mainly doing this for the players that don't have a means of getting the Pokemon they love.
I don't expect much for a Trade, you could Trade a lvl 5 Starly for a lvl 100 Shiny Maxed IV and EV Arceus.
That was an Example... PLEASE not everyone send me lvl 5 Starlys >.<
Even tho we all know Starly pwns ;]
All Trades are kept confidential so that we can keep the haters of hacked Pokemon at bay.
So PM me if you would like to keep it between us.
Take 2 requests from a single person at a time.

Note: All Pokemon are obtained from AR using PokeSav.

__________________________________________________ __________________________

Special Halloween Black Market Duskull
Only Made 5 the first 5 customers get one for free.

Pokemon Name: Duskull
Pokemon Level: 50
Item Held: Reaper Cloth
EV Trained: 255 Def 255 Sp. Def
IV Trained: 31 on all
Nature: Calm
Shiny: Yes
Ability: Bad Dreams
Move Set: Dark Void, Dream Eater, Nightmare, Future Sight
Pokerus: Yes

If you are not interested in the Duskull just specify.

__________________________________________________ __________________________

Sign Up Sheet

Pokemon Name:
Pokemon Level:
Item Held:
EV Trained, If so specify where:
IV max (Y/N):
Pokemon Nature:
Shiny (Y/N):
Move Set:
Pokerus (Y/N):

If any of the spot is left blank I will fill it in however I feel.

__________________________________________________ __________________________


Name: Nulk
Position: Founder/ Code Editor/ Trader
FC: 0389- 2319-3110

Name: Cobraslip
Position: Code Editor

__________________________________________________ __________________________

Waiting List:


FC: 0389-2319-3110

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