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Default Re: [SU] The Battle of Aloria [SU] (Revived)

Sorry to make another post for these, but I find it easier making a whole new post.

Name: Megan "Megz" Tiro
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Appearance: Megan
Personality: Megan is kind and caring. She is grouchy at times, but ofr this to be avoided she must not be annoyed, at all. She spends most of her time with her Pokemon, no matter the situation.
Class: Mage
Alliance: No Alliance
History: Blaze the Ho-Oh was flying around, trying not to be spotted by Megz. She was playing pranks on her, and Megan got really scared. When Megan ran inside crying, Blaze poked her head into Megz's bedroom window. She saw her and climed on her back. Blaze flew Megan around and they became good friends.

Male Banette
Screech / Shadow Sneak / Will-o-Wisp / Shadow Ball

Female Teddiursa
Quick Feet
Fake Tears / Faint Attack / Slash / Charm

Male Blaziken
Sand-attack / Bulk Up / Sky Uppercut / Flare Blitz

Female Larion
[Land Mount]
Rock Head
Iron Defense / Protect / Double-Edge / Metal Burst

Female Staraptor
[Air Mount]
Double Team / Close Combat / Agility / Brave Bird
Other: N/A

Name: Blaze
Species: Ho-Oh
Gender: Female
Ability: Pressure
Attacks: Recover / Fire Blast / Sunny Day / Sky Attack
Personality: Blaze is a little mad. She will fly into walls, but only to make people laugh. She like's playing around with Ellie, and enjoys her company.
Other: Is Ho-Oh Male or Female? I have the names for both I just need to know which gender it actually is. Also, Legendary Mount for Megan.

Name: Zelfin
Species: Azelf
Gender: Male
Ability: Levitate
Attacks: Detect / Confusion / Nasty Plot / Extrasensory
Personality: He is nice to the ones who are have no alliance. He is a little dopey, and sometimes pretends he is a statue (People think just as a joke, but the actual reason is unknown.) He is shy towards the bigger legendaries and most humans.
Other: N/A

Krystal Tegan White
Age: 15
Appearance: Krystal
Personality: Krystal is a bit strange. She calls people by their full name's and not their nicknames, and usually makes up a nickname for them herself. She doesn't mean to offend people when she does that, but she just likes calling people by their full names so she can remember them more easily.
Class: Mage
Alliance: No Alliance/King's Army (She thinks good of the king but doesn't really have a proper alliance with his army.)

Male Skarmory
Keen Eye
Sand-attack / Agility / Steel Wing / Night Slash

Male Scizor
Agility / Razor Wind / Iron Defense / X-scissor

Female Aerodactyl
[Air Mount]
Rock Head
Ice Fang / Fire Fang / Thunder Fang / Scary Face

Female Feraligatr
[Water Mount]
Ice Fang / Agility / Screech / Hydro Pump
Other: N/A

i can't love you more than this

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