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Default Re: [SU] The Battle of Aloria [SU] (Revived)

Originally Posted by metal sonic View Post
General for the King xP

Name: Claire ‘Lightning’ Farron

Age: 21

Gender: F

Appearance: Lightning has light pink hair and blue eyes. She wears a light brown turtleneck shirt along with a necklace with a lightning bolt pendant underneath a white vest adorned with a green metal plate over her left shoulder with two yellow stripes symbolizing her rank, a long flowing red cape attached to her back on the left side, and a brown belt around her waist. She also wears two blue gloves with gold plates over her knuckles, a long black sleeve over her left arm that begins from her bicep, a brown mini-skirt with a black case that holds her Blazefire Saber dangling behind her, a storage pack on her left hamstring attached from her skirt, and two knee-high leather boots. Her l'Cie brand is on her chest, but remains hidden beneath her shirt.

Personality: Lightning is one of the least talkative people one could meet. She isn’t necessarily a mean person, but she says what she has to and nothing more. She holds a deep-seated hatred for Xanthros for reasons she has not revealed to anyone. She goes by the name of ‘Lightning’ in order to prevent her family from being harmed by opposing militia. She is one of the few people who can spot Xanthros’s traps before it’s too late to escape them. When one gets to know Lightning, she is much kinder than her position as a general and quiet, serious demeanor might suggest. Unlike many generals, Lightning is not too proud to turn tail and run when she sees her forces are going to be defeated. She is renowned in the current militia for her amazingly low casualty rate, her fighting spirit, and how she fights alongside her troops. She’s made it perfectly clear she isn’t staying with the King’s army when the war is won, but further negotiation might score her a permanent employment as a general. Because of former training, she’s become adept at spotting traps before it’s too late to escape them.

Class: L’Cei (Soldier/Spellcaster)

Alliance: Unofficial general of the King’s army.

History: A mysterious woman who goes by the name Lightning. She is of a magic-using, nearly extinct race known as the L’Cei, and uses the magic to great strengths by using her sword as a channeling rod of sorts, and it was specially designed by her to do so. Lightning is well known for her impressive sword skills and abilities, allowing her to hold off a small army for an extended period, given the proper circumstances, and it was this reputation that persuaded the King to hire her as a personal knight of sorts. She doesn’t hold any real authority, but after the first few battles in which her orders were ignored, it was soon decided ignoring her advice was a bad idea. She serves as something of a general and a bodyguard. All L’Cei have a brand on their bodies to show their race, if magic capabilities aren’t enough.

Selipnir- Rapidash
Appearance (With Lightning):
Ability- Drizzle
Attacks- Thunderbolt, Thunder, Volt Tackle, Extremespeed
Land mount.
Specifications: Selipnir is a unique Rapidash in the way that its element is Electric instead of Fire. It is also larger than normal horses. His electric attacks are accompanied by the odd ability of Drizzle, which brings rain. Lightning is able to summon Selipnir with her magic abilities, which is also the only thing magical she doesn’t require the Blazefire Saber for. He shares a name with the Norse god Odin’s horse.

Other: She wields a unique weapon known as the Blazefire Saber, capable of flipping the blade back and firing bolts of magic energy. Lightning has little control over her magic, and as such uses the Blazefire Saber’s channeling abilities to increase her range to that of a longbow specialist.
Looks good, metal. Accepted. Not that makes one more for the King's army.

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