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Default Re: Individual RP: Sec

“This thing is so difficult…” Sec huffed under his breath.

Sec was getting increasingly frustrated; he had hoped that he wouldn’t be so low on luck this time around; apparently his hopes weren’t going to come true.

”I’m not so sure of what to do…” he muttered to Eli, “It’s sleeping and damaged to the point that it can barely move, yet it still manages to evade the ball every time!”

With that, Sec pulled yet another Super Ball from his pocket and clutched it in his palm; beads of sweat dripped from the center of his hands across the ball’s smooth surface.

“Maybe this will be the lucky shot?” Sec asked.

He hadn’t been talking to anybody in particular, he was just thinking out loud, but he knew one thing that might help his chances. Swalot kept knocking the ball away, so maybe if he dropped the ball right on Swalot at point-blank range he would at least have a chance of capturing it.

Sec toddled over to the sleeping puddle of sludge and with one short whisper, dropped the ball right over the Pokemon’s head.

”This is it.”
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