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Default Re: DPP Discussion / Question & Answer Thread!

Originally Posted by BlaziFan View Post

Oh, and some more questions:

1.) Does Cresselia require an event item?
No, it's just a roaming Pokemon. If you would like me to explain how to get her, just ask me and I'll tell you.

2.) Is Red Gyarados REALLY on Pearl? Cuz some kid told me yes, and I don't believe him.
No, the Red Gyarados is only available in Gen II
3.) Why is it that, in G/S/C/HG/SS, you had to trade Onix to get Steelix, but in D/P/Pt, you can catch Steelix?
In HG/SS, you can catch Steelix in Mt. Silver. But I'm guessing they didn't have Steelix catchable in G/SC because it was a new Pokemon. They wanted to encourage you to use the Metal Coat and have to trade with another trainer.
4.) Anyone else think Lucas/Dawn is almost absent for most of the game?
Yeah, thats because they didn't really have a big role in the game
Answers in bold.
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