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Default Re: [SU] The Battle of Aloria [SU] (Revived)

Originally Posted by KantoBreeder View Post
Name: Romeol Gyoni
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Appearance: He wears the Gyoni helm which is shaped like a Gyarados’ head. He has long, straight brown hair and a hooked nose. His eyes are dark brown. He has fairly wide shoulders and muscular arms. He is tall and stocky.
Personality: Romeol has a strong sense of duty and honour. He would give up his life for his King and Country. He is quick with a joke and has a good sense of humour.
Class: Warrior
Alliance: King's Army
History: Romeol is a nobleman whose family has served the royal family for years. A little while ago he was leading a small army to reinforce a fortress in the mountains that formed the southern border. After the battle was over, he heard a loud crash echo from one of the mountains which he decided to go and investigate. He found Rayquaza, however, he was covered in battle wounds. Somehow he managed to care for the twenty three foot lizard and earned its trust. It has become his air mount which he uses to ride long journeys and fight in some battles.
Kelval, Arcanine, Male, Flash Fire. Fire Fang, Extreme Speed, Flame Thrower, Aerial Ace. Land Mount.
Blade, Scyther, Female, Technician, Wing Attack, X-Scissor, Aerial Ace, Night Slash.
Other: (anything else I need to know)

Name: Alagan
Species: Rayquaza
Gender: Male
Ability: Air Lock
Attacks: Dragon Pulse, Draco Meteor, Extreme Speed, Hyper Beam.
Personality: He is an optimist to the max. Hardened by countless, high altitude battles with Deoxys he is a military genius and works hard on planning with Romeol.
Looks good to me. Accepted.

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