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Default Re: Individual RP;; Eeveedude

The Bronzor was proving to be a feisty little fellow and was now coming in for yet another attack. Lance attempted to recall moves that would be super-effective against Bronzor. Earthquake came to mind however that would be super dangerous to use in the cave. Although it had the Heat Proof ability, Fire Punch still seemed to be the best choice against the defensive disc.

Ugh, when Bronzor spins in front of you, use a Hammer Arm attack and smash it to the ground like this,” Lance then made a pounding motion downward. “Then use a Fire and Ice Punch combo. Hopefully the combination will break down the small steel type.” The jumpy trainer threw his fists wildly in the air.

The large bear pokemon seemed encouraged by his trainer’s effort to cheer it on. Ugh-Muffin stomped its feet and brought its large clawed paw into a fist above its head preparing to smash Bronzor into the ground.
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