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Default Re: Expansion: Stories

Originally Posted by ragnarok0422 View Post
I have a suggestion. Expert writers could actually make up a Master/Apprentice program of their own, to help those who actually want to become better writers. Because who knows, maybe there are more inexperienced writers who actually have some nice plots and whatnot lying around, but they need practice in writing. I dunno, it's just a suggestion. :6

Or you could set up a... I dunno, tutoring thread?

It could happen like in every post there are tips on how you can write better stories more efficiently. It's like one those threads where it teaches forum members a new language, only in this case, you're teaching proper grammars.

It's just a suggestion, though. XP
That's not a bad idea, honestly, but I just know that, personally, I wouldn't want to do it. I'm just not all that keen on Master/Apprentice stuff. And with that in mind, I wouldn't feel right if I opened up such a program, only to lump the work onto other folks' shoulders.

But, if one of you Councilor graders out there wants to host a program like this, then I certainly won't stop you. Heck, I'll even help out a little, if you want me to. Just don't expect to actually join in on all your shenanigans.
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