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Default Re: Individual RP: Keion


Ren watched as Cenon thought for a moment before digging out a Pokeball.

"I have Manectric with Charge," he said, and Ren nodded in approval as he released the strange blue and yellow electric Pokemon. She wasn't sure what exactly a Manectric was, maybe some sort of dog, but she didn't want to ask.

Within a few seconds of being out of its ball, the Manectric had gathered enough electrical current in it's fur to light up the hall about 30 feet all around them. It was somewhat dim, which Ren considered to be a good thing, seeing as how many Pokemon in the Power Plant preferred the dark, but it was enough that they could see the general layout of the hallway. The tiles were faded linoleum in a sort of checkerboard pattern and the walls were a dark charcoal. A bit further down, the hallway branched off in three different directions, but it was still too dark to see how far this path stretched out. From where they were standing, Ren couldn't see any doors or other indications of a new room.

"I hope we didn't wake anyone up just now," Ren said, biting her lower lip as they continued onward, "there are probably quite a few Pokemon sleeping at this time of day."

They reached the four way, Ren ready to ask Cenon which way he wanted to go, when suddenly a strange chirping sound began to come from the dark hallway in front of them. It was quickly growing louder and Ren knew what was coming next. She quickly grabbed Cenon and pulled him down just as a large flock of Zubat and Golbat flew in and turned down the hallway to their left.

"Well, it looks like Manectric's light woke them up and they were trying to find a new, darker place to sleep." Ren chuckled, getting up and dusting herself off, then offering a hand to Cenon. She looked down the hallway to their left where the bats were now barely visible in the darkness. "I wouldn't suggest we go that way."

It was then that they heard a strange cry from behind them. It seemed as if a lone Golbat had gotten pushed out of the flock and smacked into the wall as they turned the corner, and it was now sprawled out on the floor, looking slightly dazed.

"Oh look, it's your first Pokemon of the day!" Ren cheered, giving a tiny clap. "Would you like to battle this Golbat?"

Wild Pokemon
??? ? Golbat w/ Inner Focus

Trainer Stats

Trainer: Cenon Flair
Location: Abandoned Powerplant
Area Effects: None
Encounters: 14

Trainer's Pokemon

Docile M Venusaur w/ Overgrow <In ball>
EMs: Earthquake, Outrage, Return, Sunny Day, Sludge Bomb, Swords Dance

Naive M Manectric w/ Lightning Rod <Out of ball>
EMs: Magnet Rise, Rain Dance, Flamethrower, Ice Fang, Signal Beam

Quiet F Persian w/ Limber <In ball>
EMs: Dream Eater, Hypnosis, Attract, HP Dragon, Swift, Aerial Ace, Shock Wave, Water Pulse, Substitute, Icy Wind

Items: Park Balls x3, Super Balls x3, Hyper Balls x3, Digital Camera x1, Ranger’s Delight x1, Supreme Parkball x1
Pokemon Encountered: Golbat
Pokemon Caught: None

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