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Default Re: URPG National Park Main RP


Ranger Jax
Outer Heaven

"Sing, my pretty!"

Brisbane pulled out a wooden flute, and began playing the most beautiful song. It was soft, gentle, almost hypnotic in its rhythm. Jynx began to sing along with her trainer. She opened her mouth slowly, a beautiful melody pouring out, accompanying the tune played by Brisbane. The sounds floated across to the Drifloon, whose eyes were already beginning to droop. I was struggling to keep mine open as well. Despite the melody relaxing Drifloon, it also made her more frantic and desperate in the sense that she knew she was losing conciousness.

In a last ditch effort to defend herself, she half-heartedly inhaled, the air filling up most of her body, churning around inside her. The air grew cold, stale, almost lifeless, even though it wasn't alive to begin with. She exhaled feebly, the purple-tinted Ominous Wind barely brushing past the Jynx. It nipped at her skin, causing her to wince, but didn't cause any serious damage. She smiled smugly to herself as the Drifloon's eyes slowly closed and she fell asleep.

There was no doubt in my mind that Brisbane would capture that Drifloon now, it was pretty obvious that it was in no shape to fight back. I'd wait to introduce myself, though, this moment was crucial for a trainer. If he got distracted, Drifloon might manage to escape.


Battle Stats

Wild Drifloon (Female/Aftermath/???) ~ 8%
Special Defense -1, TOXIC Poisoning
Move Used: Ominous Wind

Jynx (Female/Forewarn/Careful) ~ 32%
Special Attack/Special Defense +1
Move Used: Sing


Trainer Stats

Trainer: Brisbane Kreutzhart
Location: Outer Heavens
Area Effects: The Sun is shining brightly, with a strong wind blowing.
Encounters Remaining: 13

Pokemon Encountered: #1 Pidgey, #2 Drifloon
Pokemon Captured: None

Items: Full Restore (x1), Hyper Ball (x5), Max Potion (x4), Ranger's Delight (x1), Supreme Parkball (x1), Type Repellent (x1)

Pokemon Stats

Jynx (Saudaje) ~ 32%
Currently Out of Pokeball
Female / Forewarn / Careful
[IceBeam TM] [Toxic TM] [PsychUp TM] [Protect TM] [SleepTalk TM] [Snore TM] [Calm Mind TM] [Shadow Ball TM] [Energy Ball TM] [Substitute TM] [Bubblebeam TM] [Wish BM] [Fake Out BM] [Sweet Scent TM] [Taunt TM] [Grass Knot TM] [Teleport TM] [Secret Power TM]

Magmortar (Firada) ~ 100%
Currently In Pokeball
Male / Flame Body / Bashful Nature
[Counter MT] [Barrier EM] [MudSlap TM] [Sleep Talk TM] [Psychic TM] [Substitute TM] [Taunt TM] [Rock Tomb TM] [Rock Slide TM] [Will-O-Wisp TM] [FocusPunch TM] [Overheat TM] [Focus Blast TM] [Attract TM] [Secret Power TM] [Teleport TM] [Toxic TM]

Flygon (Lybel) ~ 100%
Currently In Pokeball
Female / Levitate / Jolly
[Toxic TM] [Flamethrower TM] [Sunny Day TM] [Solarbeam TM] [Iron Tail TM] [Rock Smash HM] [Defog HM] [MT Draco Meteor] [MT Outrage] [Stone Edge TM] [U-turn TM] [Roost TM] [Steel Wing TM] [Psychic TM] [Substitute TM] [Protect TM] [Quick Attack BM] [Thunder Punch MT] [Hidden Power Ice TM]
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