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Default Re: URPG National Park Main RP

OoC: *faints* OM. EEEH. GOOOD. Is-is this true? I'm... I'm really going to continue this?

I can die happy now!

Trainer Brisbane
Outer Heaven

The stage had been set, the play had started and was finishing up now, only a few touches were left for me to give Saudaje her very meritated rest. I lowered my instrument, flashing a bright smile at my Pokemon that, even if seemingly fatigued, she didn't let it show and replied almost as cheerfully.

"No need to force yourself, dear one," I kindly said, "I know you've been fighting, and very heatedly too. You must be very tired now, I can see it. Before I let you rest, however, I'd love to let you make a Wish and charge up, and then, have a tight sleep for me too."

My Jynx made a pretty bow, her large hands taking the edges of her reddish dress in an elegant move, then she walked away from her opponent, kneeling down hands joint in a silent prayer. A golden haze surrounded her, light strands of mist rising from beneath her and joining over her head, creating a small, pretty halo- that, I was sure, would help her recover a bit of what she left in this battle.

My turn came, however. Silently rummaging my pocket, I picked the Hyper Ball as I calmly approached the sleeping Pokemon, trying not to wake her and scare her away. She had to be pretty tired as well. Whispering soothing words, I held out the pokeball. "You fought well, little one. May I have now the pleasure to let you rest?"

I didn't know if she heard me, I just hoped she did. I touched her with the Hyper Ball in my hand, and stood waiting- that was pretty daring of me, but I didn't really care.

I turned to the Ranger. "Hey, Elijah, did you see? Wait-- where is he now?" I said, as the guy who was previously there suddenly disappeared as well. I sighed. "He got away before telling me you ranger guys ninja-tricks..." I spotted another person, likely another Ranger who was supposed to guide me now. "Name's Brisbane, what's yours?"
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