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Default Re: URPG National Park Main RP


Ranger Jax
Outer Heavens

"No need to force yourself, dear one, I know you've been fighting, and very heatedly too. You must be very tired now, I can see it. Before I let you rest, however, I'd love to let you make a Wish and charge up, and then, have a tight sleep for me too."

This Brisbane fellow was turning out to be quite a nice guy. He definitely regarded his Pokemon with respect, so he was instantly in my good books. His Jynx knelt gracefully, with her hands clasped together, seemingly praying. A find gold mist floated about her, seemingly from nowhere, but it looked like there was a slight parting in the clouds above, a delicate ray of sunlight beaming down upon her. The Wish technique was absolutely beautiful to watch, the gold mist shimmering in the gentle light.

Distracted by Jynx's Wish, I completely forgot about Brisbane and the Drifloon. A clicking sound brought my attention back to him, however; it was him pressing the centre button of his Hyperball. It enlarged in him palm, and he walked over to the seemingly peaceful Drifloon. He whispered softly to her, words of comfort falling graciously from his lips.

"You fought well, little one. May I have now the pleasure to let you rest?" He touched her lightly with the Hyperball, her sleeping form being sucked into the sphere. He placed it on the ground and turned to look for his previous ranger, not waiting to see whether he'd successfully captured her.

"Hey, Elijah, did you see? Wait-- where is he now? He got away before telling me you ranger guys ninja-tricks..." It was then that he noticed me, and turned and spoke. "Name's Brisbane, what's yours?"

So he'd figured out that I was his new ranger then. Well it was pretty obvious, I was wearing a National Park jacket, after all.

"Nice to meet you, I'm Ranger Jax," I smiled, offering him my hand. "Ranger Elijah got called back to Headquarters. Apparently there was an emergency over at the Great Lakes, Gyarados rampaging or something." I chuckled gently, trying to break the ice. "Nice capture, by the way, congratulations - your Hyperball's stopped rocking. You gonna name her?"


Battle Stats

Wild Drifloon (Female/Aftermath/Na´ve) ~ 8%
Special Defense -1, TOXIC Poisoning, Sleeping
Move Used: N/A

Jynx (Female/Forewarn/Careful) ~ 82%
Special Attack/Special Defense +1
Move Used: Wish


Trainer Stats

Trainer: Brisbane Kreutzhart
Location: Outer Heavens
Area Effects: The Sun is shining brightly, with a strong wind blowing.
Encounters Remaining: 13

Pokemon Encountered: #1 Pidgey, #2 Drifloon
Pokemon Captured: Drifloon (Female, Aftermath, Naive)

Items: Full Restore (x1), Hyper Ball (x4), Max Potion (x4), Ranger's Delight (x1), Supreme Parkball (x1), Type Repellent (x1)

Pokemon Stats

Jynx (Saudaje) ~ 82%
Currently Out of Pokeball
Female / Forewarn / Careful
[IceBeam TM] [Toxic TM] [PsychUp TM] [Protect TM] [SleepTalk TM] [Snore TM] [Calm Mind TM] [Shadow Ball TM] [Energy Ball TM] [Substitute TM] [Bubblebeam TM] [Wish BM] [Fake Out BM] [Sweet Scent TM] [Taunt TM] [Grass Knot TM] [Teleport TM] [Secret Power TM]

Magmortar (Firada) ~ 100%
Currently In Pokeball
Male / Flame Body / Bashful Nature
[Counter MT] [Barrier EM] [MudSlap TM] [Sleep Talk TM] [Psychic TM] [Substitute TM] [Taunt TM] [Rock Tomb TM] [Rock Slide TM] [Will-O-Wisp TM] [FocusPunch TM] [Overheat TM] [Focus Blast TM] [Attract TM] [Secret Power TM] [Teleport TM] [Toxic TM]

Flygon (Lybel) ~ 100%
Currently In Pokeball
Female / Levitate / Jolly
[Toxic TM] [Flamethrower TM] [Sunny Day TM] [Solarbeam TM] [Iron Tail TM] [Rock Smash HM] [Defog HM] [MT Draco Meteor] [MT Outrage] [Stone Edge TM] [U-turn TM] [Roost TM] [Steel Wing TM] [Psychic TM] [Substitute TM] [Protect TM] [Quick Attack BM] [Thunder Punch MT] [Hidden Power Ice TM]
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